Illinois Geologic Mapping Advisory Committee

About the Committee

The IGMAC meets annually in a forum to discuss geologic mapping needs and seek regional mapping coordination and opportunities. Its primary function is to review and approve long term plans by the ISGS for geologic mapping, as mandated by the USGS National Cooperative Geologic Mapping Program. This review is necessary for the ISGS to participate in the STATEMAP program, in which the objective is to establish the geologic framework of areas that are vital to the welfare of the United States. Also reviewed are mapping plans within the Great Lakes Geological Mapping Coalition, and other mapping initiatives in the state.

Isn't Illinois Already Mapped? Although geologic mapping has been ongoing in the state since the inception of the ISGS in 1851 and before, much of the state has been mapped only at small scales (large areas and low detail). The STATEMAP program focuses on 1:24,000 scale (1”=2000’) mapping. This scale is suitable for many kinds of analyses and is a vital guide for higher resolution mapping for particular projects.


The next IGMAC will be on September 17, 2020. Contact the coordinator for online meeting details

2019 Presentations


The Committee Members

The IGMAC includes representatives from the Prairie Research Insitute (Natural History, Archaeology, and Water Surveys), the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, Illinois Department of Public Health, The Illinois Emergency Management Agency, the Illinois Department of Transportation, groundwater professionals, the coal, oil, gas, and aggregate industries, academia, engineers, and city and county planners. The Illinois State Geologist, Dick Berg, is an ex-officio member and serves as IGMAC Secretary. Alison Anders (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) is the Chair for 2018-2020, and Jim Curtis (Illinois Department of Transportation) is Vice-Chair. The committee abides by a set of By Laws. For further information, contact Drew Phillips (ISGS), IGMAC Coordinator.