ISGS updates Illinois sinkhole data
The Illinois State Geological Survey (ISGS) now provides up-to-date downloadable data about sinkholes for the entire state of Illinois. [...]
Drones take science beyond the surface at Illinois Beach State Park
ISGS geologists are taking to the sky to peer beneath the Earth’s surface by flying a drone with a magnetometer att [...]
ISGS collaborates on study of critical interfaces
Illinois State Geological Survey scientists are part of a collaborative project to study “critical interfaces” in the environment. [...]
ISGS continues studying CO2 sequestration near Terre Haute, Indiana
ISGS is a partner on a Department of Energy-funded project studying redevelopment of the Wabash Valley Resources coal gasification site in West Terre Haute, Indiana. [...]
Prairie State Generating Company (PSGC)
ISGS combines innovation and expertise in carbon storage
For almost 20 years, ISGS has been at the forefront of developing methods for the safe capture, storage, and utilization of CO2 from power plants and industrial operations.  [...]

ISGS in the News

The Great Lakes’ eroding beaches
ISGS Chief Scientist Steve Brown joins WILL's The 21st for a discussion of Lake Michigan erosion. 

Source: The 21st
Age of Mississippi River reassessed
Thanks to zircon fragments found in sandstone found in Southern Illinois, researchers have shown that the Mississippi River began flowing about 70 million years ago.

Source: KFVS
Yacucci joins NSGIC board of directors
Mark Yacucci, head of the ISGS Geoscience Information Stewardship Section, has been elected to the board of directors of the National States Geographic Information Council.

Source: Geospatial World
High Lake Michigan water levels pose concerns
"We just have to understand that there is a lot of energy in the waves, and with a high lake level walking the same place that you’re used to could pose more danger, even with a smaller wave,” said Steven Brown.

Source: The Daily Northwestern
Greenberg, Whittaker present on CO2 storage
Director of Energy and Minerals Steve Whittaker and Associate Director of Energy and Minerals Sallie Greenberg presented on U.S. efforts to develop commercial-scale geological storage of carbon dioxide at CO2CRC.  

Source: Mirage News

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