Jo Daviess County collaboration tackles water quality
With its unique geology marked by sinkholes, crevices, and caves, Jo Daviess County is highly susceptible to water contamination. [...]
Geologic Carbon Sequestration in the Illinois Basin: Numerical Modeling to Evaluate Potential Impacts
Circular 598, Geologic Carbon Sequestration in the Illinois Basin: Numerical Modeling to Evaluate Potential Impacts [...]
'It was a bad day for Peoria County about 450 million years ago'
 Charles Monson recently published a study revealing a possible link between a meteorite impact crater found in Illinois and a 93-mile-wide astero
Flights to image 3D geology in Illinois, Kentucky and Indiana
Scientists with the Illinois State Geological Survey are partnering with the U.S. [...]
Long-time ISGS geologist W. John Nelson receives Gordon H. Wood Jr. Memorial Award
The American Association of Petroleum Geologists Energy Minerals Division’s Eastern Section awarded this year’s [...]

ISGS in the News

Greenberg, Whittaker present on CO2 storage
Director of Energy and Minerals Steve Whittaker and Associate Director of Energy and Minerals Sallie Greenberg presented on U.S. efforts to develop commercial-scale geological storage of carbon dioxide at CO2CRC.  

Source: Mirage News
Glasford meteor may have played a role in ancient ice age
Charles Monson said research suggests a meteor about the size of Wrigley Field struck near Glasford, creating a 2.5 mile wide crater that's now buried under sediment. 

Source: WCBU
A tale of two drones
ISGS staff use an unmanned aerial vehicle (or drone) to help monitor shoreline erosion on Lake Michigan.

Source: Technology Services
Mapping erosion with drones
Ethan Theuerkauf is a coastal geologist at the University of Illinois. He’s using drone photography to map erosion at Illinois Beach State Park in Zion. 

Source: WTTW
Midwest earthquakes
Senior geophysicist Tim Larson talks to WILL's the 21st about our risk of and preparedness for earthquakes. 

Source: WILL

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