Geoscientist details water resources partnership in Malawi
Tim Larson brought his extensive experience locating groundwater in Illinois to connect four African villages to fresh water. A paper documenting this project will appear in a special edition of the journal GEOPHYSICS. [...]
Petroleum Experts renews software grant
Petroleum Experts has renewed through December 2022 a grant of a set of software packages to the Illinois State Geological Survey and Department of Geology to use in research and education. [...]
Video highlights ISGS work in energy, mapping, and coastal issues
A short video produced for the Geological Society of America meeting in October 2021 highlights some of the work ISGS is doing in the areas of sustainable energy and carbon management, understandin [...]
Fossils of the Upper Ordovician Platteville Formation in the Upper Midwest USA: An Overview
The Illinois State Geological Survey has published Fossils of the Upper Ordovician Platteville Formation in the Upper Midwest USA: An Overview, authored by Dennis R. Kolata. [...]
Mines in the Illinois Portion of the Illinois-Kentucky Fluorspar District
For most of the 20th century, the Illinois-Kentucky Fluorspar District (IKFD) was the primary source of fluorspar for the United States. [...]

ISGS in the News

Rock formations could store CO2 for ‘eons’
“It provides a way of additionally removing carbon dioxide from the carbon cycle, which is really what we need to do to reduce the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere,” says Steve Whittaker. 

Source: KCUR
Using Marinas to Drive Ecosystem Health
ISGS studies and helps Illinois manage erosion along Lake Michigan, particularly at Illinois Beach State Park. 

Source: Great Lakes Protection Fund
The Great Lakes’ eroding beaches
ISGS Chief Scientist Steve Brown joins WILL's The 21st for a discussion of Lake Michigan erosion. 

Source: The 21st
Age of Mississippi River reassessed
Thanks to zircon fragments found in sandstone found in Southern Illinois, researchers have shown that the Mississippi River began flowing about 70 million years ago.

Source: KFVS
Yacucci joins NSGIC board of directors
Mark Yacucci, head of the ISGS Geoscience Information Stewardship Section, has been elected to the board of directors of the National States Geographic Information Council.

Source: Geospatial World

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