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Unit NameStratigraphic Code
Spoon Formation3030
Cheltenham Clay Member3040
Browning Sandstone Member3050
Abingdon Coal Member3100
Isabel Sandstone Member3110
Palzo Sandstone Member3140
Seelyville Coal Member3170
Greenbush Coal Member3200
De Koven Coal Member3210
Wiley Coal Member3240
Davis Coal Member3250
Seahorne Limestone Member3270
Vergennes Sandstone Member3280
Stonefort Limestone Member3310
Wise Ridge Coal Member3320
Mt. Rorah Coal Member3330
De Long Coal Member3340
Creal Springs Limestone Member3350
Murphysboro Coal Member3370
Granger Sandstone Member3380
New Burnside Coal Member3400
Brush Coal Member3410
O'Nan Coal Member3434
Bidwell Coal Member3438
Hermon Coal Member3450
Seville Limestone Member3470
Curlew Limestone Member3480
Rock Island Coal Member3490
Litchfield Coal Member3500
Assumption Coal Member3510

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