Visiting Doctoral Candidate Receives Training

ISGS staff members take some measurements in a quarry.Chris Stohr hosted visiting researcher and Ph.D. candidate, Matt Schumacher from the University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Schumacher visited the ISGS to learn close-range photogrammetry for developing three-dimensional digital models of outcrops, exposures, and landscape features. Expertise in this still-novel technique has been recently acquired by researchers at the Illinois State Geological Survey to help with a range of geologic mapping and characterization studies. The models developed with this technique can be used for detailed mapping of facies-level contacts on highwalls or unstable exposures, detailed mapping of landscape features, temporal evaluation of landslide stability and in digitally identifying orientation of joints, dips, and dip directions of rocks for detailed geologic studies. Schumacher and his advisor, Martin Ross, are interested in developing this expertise for their research to better understand the hydrogeology of glacial deposits.