Visit to Capitol Hill, Washington, DC

During the week of January 30 to February 3, 2012, Don McKay, Steve Brown, and Dick Berg, ISGS, visited Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, as part of the Great Lakes Geological Mapping Coalition's (GLGMC) efforts to increase awareness of the program and maintain and increase funding levels. In addition to the ISGS, geologists from the Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York State Geological Surveys participated in a total of 85 meetings with congressional staff and some congressional members as well as a meeting with the Director of the Great Lakes Washington Region, Northeast-Midwest Institute Center for Policy Initiatives. The ISGS participants also visited with the City of Chicago Mayor's Office in Washington. The GLGMC has been an important program of three-dimensional geological mapping, particularly in northeastern Illinois, for the purposes of understanding the complex nature of glacial deposits and how these deposits interact on a daily basis with land use, water use, and economic development decision making.