USGS National Geological and Geophysical Data Preservation Program

Sample storage at the ISGS Studies Annex The goal of this ongoing project is preservation of geoscience data and materials at state geological surveys. The project provides assistance with archiving samples and data and will ultimately result in a national catalog of archived materials at state surveys. The FY08 project included compilation of an inventory of the most important ISGS collections as well as development of digital data for three ISGS legacy collections: electrical earth resistivity surveys; Lead-Zinc Mining District borehole records, including geochemical analysis; and Silurian paleontological samples stored at the ISGS Annex. Item-level metadata (including spatial location) for items in these three collections and for core and cuttings sample collections were provided for the USGS National Catalog, which is currently under development. The catalog will be searchable both spatially and by keyword, increasing the visibility and discoverability of the ISGS collections and data.