University of Illinois Geography Department Contributes to ISGS Outcrop Studies

A Leica reflectorless total station with integrated scanner and robotic surveyor and accompanying advanced GPS receivers are graciously being made available to the Illinois State Geological Survey (ISGS) and the University of Illinois Geography Department by Jim Best of the University of Illinois Geology Department. Chris Stohr is the designated resource person for the use of these complex instruments. He will process information for the ISGS and familiarize the Geology Department with the use of this advanced technology. The ISGS is using the equipment for detailed documentation and analysis of outcrops for preparing three-dimensional maps of facies, lithologic contacts, and textural changes.

Using this equipment, Chris Stohr, Steve Brown, and Don Keefer photographed glacial deposits exposed at the Wedron Silica facility in LaSalle County, Illinois. The borrowed instruments should improve the information obtained in this three-dimensional geologic mapping project for hydrologic modeling. Additionally, the equipment will benefit students who are being trained in the use of these state-of-the-art instruments for geologic investigations.