Three-dimensional Geologic Mapping Provides Information for New Municipal Water Wells in the Village of Barrington

Sample 3D mapping image

Geologic mapping in northeastern Illinois, funded through the Central Great Lakes Mapping Coalition, the STATEMAP component of the National Cooperative Geologic Mapping Program, and the Illinois State Geological Survey (ISGS), has been an ongoing priority of the ISGS. Geologic mapping teams have established cooperative relationships with community groups, government agencies, and municipal organizations in the region. These relationships have been valuable for the success of those mapping programs. Geologic mapping and associated research conducted by the ISGS has provided timely information for local communities that allows them to make informed decisions about planning, development, and water resources. Mutual cooperation with these organizations has provided the ISGS mapping teams with access to properties to collect geologic data by drilling boreholes and installing observation wells to monitor water levels. The wells are part of the groundwater monitoring system ISGS scientists are developing in northeastern Illinois.

The Barrington area is a current focus of STATEMAP mapping efforts. The ISGS mapping teams have drilled at least seven stratigraphic borings and installed observation wells within a six-mile radius of the Barrington area. Representatives from the Village of Barrington were aware of the ongoing drilling and groundwater monitoring of glacial sediments in the area. With this knowledge, the Director of Public Works for the village contacted the ISGS seeking information about the geology and water resources at proposed locations for two new municipal water wells within village properties. The ISGS has begun preliminary discussions with village administrators and their contracted engineers to help them better understand the geologic framework and potential groundwater resources in the proposed water-well locations. Further discussions about the geologic framework and collaborative data acquisition are scheduled for later in April.