Survey Staff Members Speak to University Classes

William Roy presented a seminar to the Department of Geology at Southern Illinois University titled "The Geochemistry of Geosequestration."

Yevgeniy Kontar gave an invited presentation entitled "Hazards Related to Groundwater-Surface Water Interactions" and conducted a creative scientific discussion among students and faculty members at the University of Illinois Geology Colloquium October 2, 2009.

Robert Bauer made a presentation "Earthquakes in the Central U.S.: Their Impacts and What to Expect" to 600 students in the University of Illinois geology class on natural disasters.

Brett Denny presented a lecture about the geology of southern Illinois to 25 students in Dr. John Sexton's Southern Illinois University geology class about the geology of southern Illinois on October 23, 2009. Denny also led a field trip to southeastern Illinois for 10 students in Dr. Richard Fifarek's mineralogy class to see fluorite, Hicks Dome, and Garden of the Gods.