Sulfur Spring Studied

On October 1, 2008, Pius Weibel sampled a sulfur spring north of Carlock in Woodford County. This spring was last sampled by the ISGS in 1899 and reported on in a 1909 publication. In that publication, however, the location was listed as McLean County. The site was revisited on October 21, 2008, with Ted Flynn (University of Illinois Department of Geology), who is working on the geochemistry and geomicrobiology of the Mahomet aquifer. The pH, temperature, specific conductivity, and dissolved oxygen content of the water in the spring were measured. Water samples were taken for further analysis in the lab. The concentrations of various anions and cations will be measured using ion chromatography. Several liters of the spring water were filtered trap microbes. The filters will later be used to extract DNA for molecular characterization. Samples of the white filamentous mats present downstream from the outflow pipe were also taken for DNA extraction.