Sugar Creek Enhanced Oil Recovery Project Beginning

An organizational meeting for the Sugar Creek enhanced oil recovery (EOR) pilot was held February 6, 2009, in Henderson, Kentucky, as part of the Phase II carbon dioxide (CO2) sequestration program. Seventeen participants from the Illinois State Geological Survey (ISGS), Kentucky Geological Survey (KGS), and Gallagher Drilling Company attended the meeting. Discussions centered on the site, operational, and monitoring considerations for the upcoming immiscible CO2 gas flood. The meeting included a field tour of the pilot site and visits to the planned CO2 injection well and several oil production wells. Discussions regarding the monitoring, verification, and accounting program (MVA) were held by Randy Locke, Bracken Wimmer, Abbas Iranmanesh, Ed Mehnert, and Ivan Krapac from the ISGS and staff from the KGS. A draft health and safety plan has been written for the Sugar Creek pilot. The plan was submitted to pilot participants KGS and Gallagher Drilling Company for review and comments.