Study of State Nature Preserves Funded

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) is funding "Compilation and Interpretation of Hydrogeological and Geochemical Data at State Nature Preserves 2009," with Randy Locke as principal investigator and Jim Miner as co-principal investigator. The $129,999 project addresses the collection and analysis of hydrogeological and geochemical data by the Illinois State Geological Survey and Illinois State Water Survey for the Illinois Nature Preserves Commission (INPC) and the IDNR's Office of Resource Conservation. This cooperative effort investigates hydrogeological and geochemical processes related to natural habitats so that a wide range of site issues may be properly addressed by the agencies. Relevant site issues may include land acquisition, site management, monitoring, restoration, impact mitigation, and other issues. Tasks for the 12-month contracting period include responding to INPC requests for information or analysis, compiling groundwater-related data for selected nature preserves, and hydrological and geochemical monitoring at three nature preserves in northern Illinois.