Study of Mt. Simon Sandstone Carbon Sequestration Potential Completed

Bedrock geologists Hannes Leetaru, Illinois State Geological Survey, and John McBride, Brigham Young University, have completed a study entitled, "Reservoir Uncertainty, Precambrian Topography, and Carbon Sequestration in the Mt. Simon Sandstone, Illinois Basin." Study results will be considered for publication by the American Association of Petroleum Geologists, Division of Environmental Geosciences. The study, which involved reprocessing of seismic reflection data in southeastern Illinois, deals with the influence of pre-existing Precambrian basement topography on the deposition of the Cambrian sediments that ultimately become the Mt. Simon Sandstone reservoir. The study results should be useful for interpreting seismic reflection data acquired over planned sequestration sites farther north in the Illinois Basin. Hannes Leetaru and John McBride also are working on a topical report for the U.S. Department of Energy on interpretation of the seismic reflection data.