Staff Member Completes Term as Chair of Professional Association

Beverly Herzog completed her two-year term as Chair of the Association of Ground Water Scientists and Engineers (AGWSE) and Vice President of the National Ground Water Association (NGWA) at the Ground Water Expo in Orlando, Florida, on December 6, 2007. NGWA has more than 14,000 members, most from North America, and AGWSE is its largest division, with more than 9,000 members. In addition to the AGWSE and NGWA boards, Herzog served on the board of the National Ground Water Research and Education Foundation and more than fifteen committees or work groups, several of which she chaired.

Bev Herzog, left, and Vicki Kretsinger hold the NGWA award

In presenting Herzog with a plaque from NGWA "in appreciation for your devoted leadership," Past Chairman Vicki Kretsinger noted, "It has been a pleasure to serve with Bev on the various NGWA/AGWSE Boards. She has always had an abundance of energy, accomplished things quickly and efficiently; she has always been thoughtful and made it known to NGWA staff and others that their efforts and contributions were very much appreciated. Most of all, I appreciate Bev's down-to-earth approach and her 'let's get to the punch line' attitude. Bev has helped boost NGWA's image with policy makers, especially as related to NGWA's interest in ground water sustainability. A number of years ago, Bev helped design a survey that was submitted to the states, especially the state geologists, on the subject of current and future understanding of groundwater resources availability and monitoring needs. These results were then brought to congressional staff members and initially presented as information without an 'ask' for federal funds. Bev has been instrumental in the step-by-step approaches taken to build relationships that are leading to more specific requests for financial support to accomplish nationwide monitoring and groundwater resources evaluation goals. We have continued to persuade congressional staff members of the importance of groundwater... The AGWSE Board greatly appreciates her tireless efforts and continued contributions as a Board member, then Secretary, and Chair."