Significant Results and Project Completions

Curt Abert and Craig Gain compiled a series of maps for the April 11-13, 2010, EarthScope meeting hosted by the University of Illinois (Steve Marshak, Department of Geology, National Science Foundation Grant EAR 09-52257). The 18 maps pertained primarily to Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, and Kentucky and covered these topics: surface topography, bedrock topography, surficial geology (with and without relief), bedrock geology (with and without bedrock relief), top of the Pennsylvanian Springfield Coal, top of the Mississippian-Devonian New Albany Shale, top of the Ordovician Trenton Group, top of the Precambrian, Bouguer gravity anomaly (regional and national), isostatic gravity anomaly (regional and national), gravity anomaly (regional and national), fold and fault traces, and earthquake epicenters.