Sequestration Phase III Kickoff Meeting Held

On February 19 to 21, 2008, the Illinois State Geological Survey and Schlumberger Carbon Services sponsored a kickoff meeting for the monitoring, mitigation, and verification (MMV) portion of the U.S. Department of Energy Phase III carbon dioxide (CO2) sequestration project. Ivan Krapac organized and conducted the meeting at the ISGS. Groups of 43 multidisciplinary experts were assembled to begin to develop the MMV program for the Phase III CO2 geologic sequestration project. These experts traveled from as far away as Pennsylvania, California, Canada, Norway, and France to attend the meeting; the attendees represented Bergren University, Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Department of Energy National Energy Technology Laboratory, University of Alberta, and Archer Daniels Midland (ADM). The Phase III project will be conducted at the ADM plant in Decatur, Illinois, and involves injecting 1 million tons of CO2 collected from the ADM ethanol fermentation plant into the Mt. Simon Sandstone. The MMV program will deploy various monitoring techniques to determine the location of the CO2plume in the injection reservoir. The monitoring is to determine whether there are impacts from injection activities on human health and the environment and to develop mitigation plans should unexpected results occur during the project. The meeting involved a series of presentations and a site visit to familiarize participants with the geology, logistics, and planned activities for this project. A risk assessment session allowed input from participants to identify and rank potential risks that could affect the MMV program and overall project success. Implementation of the MMV program will begin April 2008 and continue through October 2008 at which time one year of background (pre-CO2 injection) data will be collected.