Scientific Meetings

Robert Bauer gave a 2-hour keynote presentation to about 150 participants of the Illinois Emergency Management Services Conference on April 15, 2010, in Peoria. Bauer presented historical and prehistoric information on earthquakes in the central United States, their projected impacts as determined by several recent scenarios, and ways to stay safe during earthquake response. Bauer also supplied 15 photographs and other graphics to Illinois Emergency Management Agency for its earthquake display. The illustrations showed damage from Illinois earthquakes and the location and magnitude of earthquakes throughout the state since 1795. The display was used by IEMA at the April 15th conference and will be used at various other conferences and meetings.

Illinois State Geological Survey scientists made their presence known at the recent Geological Society of American North-Central Section and South-Central Section Joint Meeting held in Branson, Missouri, in April 11-13, 2010. ISGS researchers organized a session on carbon sequestration and presented several papers.

Lu-Ming Chen, a graduate student advised by Mei-In Melissa Chou at the Illinois State Geological Survey, presented a paper at the 25th International Conference on Solid Waste Technology and Management, March, 14 - 17, 2010, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The paper related to utilization of solid waste generated from the production process of biodiesel. Chen's travel was made possible through a travel award provided by the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences.

Hong Wang co-presented a paper entitled "Archaeological and Paleoenvironmental Implications of >40-ka Charcoal Radiocarbon Dates from Moche Borago, Ethiopia" at the 2010 Annual Paleoanthropology Society meeting in St. Louis, Missouri. Authors were Steven A. Brandt, Erich C. Fisher, Elisabeth A. Hildebrand, and Hong Wang.