Petroleum Geology Staff

Name E-mail Phone Title
Askari, Zohreh 217-300-1819 Assistant Geologist
Babarinde, Oladipupo 217-300-2757 Assistant Geologist
Blakley, Curt S. 217-244-6942 Associate Geologist
Carman, Carl H (217) 244-6872 Research Specialist
Damico, James 217-244-6229 Assistant Geologist
Frailey, Scott M. 217-244-7412 Senior Reservoir Engineer
Freiburg, Jared 217-244-2495 Mineral Resource Geologist
Grigsby, Nathan P. 217-300-7101 Assistant Geologist
Johnson, Michelle 217-300-2925 Center Coordinator, Center for the Geologic Storage of CO2
Khosravi , Mansour 217-244-9457 Associate Petroleum Geologist
Leetaru, Hannes E. 217-333-5058 Head, Petroleum Geology, Senior Petroleum Geologist
Monson, Charles 217-244-0414 Assistant Project Coordinator
Okwen, Roland 217-244-2869 Reservoir Engineer
Webb, Nathan D. 217-244-2426 Associate Research Scientist, Petroleum Geologist
Willette, Donna Caraway 217-244-0116 Petroleum Geologist/Geochemist
Williams-Stroud, Sherilyn 217-300-8064 Research Scientist, Structural Geologist
Yang, Fang 217-300-3734 Reservoir Engineer