Oil and Gas Publications

ISGS has published a wealth of information about oil and gas throughout its history.
Between 1926 and 2003, the Illinois Petroleum series focused on prompt release of recent investigations of the oil and gas resources of Illinois. 

These petroleum-related out-of-print circulars are based on data and methodologies available at the time of publication and may be outdated. Newer data and publications may supersede some information in out-of-print publications.


C 1 Effects of water flooding on oil production from the McClosky Sand, Dennison Township, Lawrence County
C 16 Fouth Annual Mineral Industries Conference of Illinois: Research on the state's mineral resources and their utilization


C 22 Correlation problems in the new Illinois Basin fields


C 25 Systematic water flood may revive older Illinois fields
C 33 The recent impetus to oil prospecting in Illinois
C 37 Output from new Illinois fields and probable trend
C 38 Possible producing strata existing below the McClosky in Illinois


C 55 The New Centralia oil field
C 56 Rotary drilling in Illinois


C 58 Structure of Herrin (no. 6) coal bed in Randolph, western Perry, southwestern Washington and southeastern St. Clair Counties, Illinois
C 59 Structural trends in the Illinois Basin


C 67 Recent developments in oil and gas in Illinois 
C 75 Role of fundamental geologic principles in the opening of the Illinois Basin


C 90 Secondary recovery can salvage stripper well reserves in Illinois
C 91 Studies of the Chester series in the Illinois Basin
C 92 Rhythms in upper Pennsylvanian cyclothems
C 97 An experiment in the conversion of used automobile engines to oil-field power and compressor units
C 101 Oil-field flooding streamlined for war: a suggestion 


C 104 The Board of Natural Resources and Conservation of the Department of Registration and Education. The Illinois State Geological Survey in war mineral research

C 105 Structure of Herrin (no. 6) coal bed in Christian and Montgomery counties and adjacent parts of Fayette, Macon, Sangamon, and Shelby Counties
C 106 Undiscovered oil reserves in Illinois
C 107 Possibilities of production from lime formations given the "acid test"
C 112 Factors controlling oil-well completions in the Illinois Basin


C 129 Investigations on secondary recovery 
C 130 Designs for oil field tools to aid in water flooding
C 137 Transparent model of reservoir showing displacement of oil by conjoint use of gas and water


C 144 Some Chester outcrop and subsurface sections in southeastern Illinois
C 148 Airplane views of Illinois oil installations


C 150 Prospects for oil discoveries in Illinois beyond proven areas and from deeper horizons
C 153 Flooding with re-used water
C 154 Illinois fluid rejection research reviewed
C 155 Measuring oil reserves by injected gas


C 157 Short papers on geologic subjects
C 160 Summary of stratigraphy shown in geologic cross-section of Illinois Basin
C 161 Secondary recovery in Illinois
C 163 Flooding prospects of Illinois Basin oil sands
C 165 Summary of water-flooding operations in Illinois, 1950


C 169 Future oil possibilities of the Eastern Interior Basin
C 173 Illinois water floods: a summary
C 176 Summary of water flooding operations in Illinois oil pools to 1951


C 180 Some important aspects of water flooding in Illinois


C 182 Summary of water flood operations in Illinois oil pools during 1951
C 183 Short papers on geologic subjects: some new observations on Niagaran reefs in Illinois
C 185 Summary of water flood operations in Illinois oil pools during 1952


C 193 Summary of water flood operations in Illinois oil pools during 1953


C 194 The flow of fluids through sandstones
C 195 Faults and other structures in southern Illinois: a compilation
C 203 Uranium in Illinois black shales
C 204 The Geneva (Middle Devonian) dolomite in Illinois


C 208 Illinois oil shales
C 211 Geology and history of oil production in the Decatur-Mt. Auburn-Springfield area, Illinois
C 224 Studies of waterflood performance. II, Trapping oil in a pore doublet


C 236 Fluid flow in petroleum reservoirs. I, the Kozeny paradox
C 237 Studies of waterflood performance. III, Use of network models
C 242 Fluid flow in petroleum reservoirs. II, Predicted effects of sand consolidation


C 250 Fishhook gas pool, Pike and Adams Counties, Illinois
C 251 Hydraulic fracture theory. Part I, Mechanics of materials 
C 252 Hydraulic fracture theory. Part II, Fracture orientation and possibility of fracture control
C 253 Tiskilwa drift-gas area Bureau and Putnam Counties, Illinois
C 258 Relation of Silurian reefs to Ordovician structure in the Patoka oil area
C 262 Studies of waterflood performance. IV, Influence of curtailments on recovery


C 267 Spar Mountain sandstone in Cooks Mills area, Coles and Douglas Counties, Illinois
C 272 Freeburg gas pool St. Clair County, Illinois
C 281 Hydraulic fracture theory. III, Elastic properties of sandstone


C 284 Salem limestone in southwestern Illinois
C 291 Fluid flow in petroleum reservoirs. III. Effect of fluid-fluid interfacial boundary condition
C 292 Glacial-drift gas in Illinois
C 306 Differentiation of Caseyville (Pennsylvanian) and Chester (Mississippian) sediments in the Illinois Basin
C 307 Chemical evaluation of Illinois oil shales


C 318 Underground storage of natural gas in Illinois
C 325 Oil and gas in the Adams-Brown-Schuyler County area, Illinois


C 340 Late Mississippian sandstones of Illinois


C 349 Wapella East oil pool, De Witt, County, Illinois: a Silurian reef
C 351 Structural framework of southernmost Illinois
C 358 Some economic aspects of the Illinois oil industry


C 362 Carper sand oil production in St. James, Wilberton, and St. Paul pools, Fayette County, Illinois
C 363 Aeromagnetic study of the Hardin County area, Illinois
C 368 Deep oil possibilities of the Illinois Basin
C 369 Geologic significance of the gravity field in the DeWitt-McLean County areas, Illinois
C 377 Niagaran reefs and oil accumulation in the DeWitt-McLean area, Illinois


C 383 The Sangamon arch
C 386 The Borden siltstone (Mississippian) delta in southwestern Illinois
C 387 Ashmore gas area Coles County, Illinois
C 389 Grand Tower limestone (Devonian) of southern Illinois
C 393 The origin of saline formation waters. II, isotopic fractionation by shale micropore systems


C 397 The origin of saline formation waters. III, calcium chloride waters
C 401 Deep-water sediments adjacent to the Borden Siltstone (Mississippian) Delta in southern Illinois


C 424 Geology and oil production in the Tuscola area, Illinois
C 425 Turbidites and other sandstone bodies in the Borden Siltstone (Mississippian) in Illinois


C 436 Oil production from the Ste. Genevieve limestone in the Exchange area, Marion County, Illinois
C 441 The Middle Devonian strata of southern Illinois


C 450 A gravity survey of extreme southeastern Illinois
C 454 Trend-surface analysis of the structure of the Ste. Genevieve Limestone in the Effingham, Illinois area


C 458 Paleogeologic map of the sub-Pennsylvanian Chesterian (upper Mississippian) surface in the Illinois Basin


C 470 Hydrodynamics in deep aquifers of the Illinois Basin


C 482 The effect of buried Niagaran reefs on overlying strata in southwestern Illinois
C 483 Vanadium in Devonian, Silurian, and Ordovician crude oils of Illinois


C 494 The gravity field and tectonics of Illinois


C 509 The Wabash Valley Fault System in southeastern Illinois


C 513 The Rend Lake Fault system in southern Illinois


C 516 Structural framework of the Mississippi embayment of southern Illinois
C 518 The New Albany Shale Group of Illinois
C 519 Structural features in Illinois—a compendium
C 522 The Cottage Grove Fault System in southern Illinois
C 538 Structural geology of southeastern Illinois and vicinity


C 544 The Illinois Basin: a tidally and tectonically influenced ramp during mid-Chesterian time


C 557 Geochemistry of black shales of the new Albany Group (Devonian-Mississippian) in the Illinois Basin: relationships between lithofacies and the carbon, sulfur, and iron contents


C 561 Mineralogy and diagenesis of the Pennsylvanian Browning Sandstone on the western shelf of the Illinois Basin