Geophysical Characterization, Modeling and Monitoring Services

ISGS Geophysicists can provide a range of geophysical services to help in characterization and identification of near-surface subsurface features or objects.  Common geophysical methods include, but are not limited to 1-D, 2-D and 3-D resistivity surveying, 2-D seismic profiling, 1-D vertical seismic profiling, borehole geophysical logging with various tools, ground penetrating radar, and electromagnetic surveying.  Assistance can include any combination of data collection, processing or modeling.  In certain situations, multiple surveys can be done over time, or dedicated devices can be installed that record specific geophysical properties can be measured automatically over time.  These services are provided using cost recovery rates that can involve costs for design and fabrication.  For information and cost estimates, contact Tim Larson