Geophysics at the ISGS is a Near-surface Geophysics research program, focusing on methods and tools tailored to characterization of the upper 300 feet below land surface.  Many of our methods and tools target much shallower depths, and applications in forensics and archeology are focused on characterizing materials and objects within the upper 3-10 feet below land surface.  Current research includes applications and innovations in electrical and magnetic methods, combination of novel instrumentation and custom programming solutions to improve traditional methods, and inclusion of different types of geologic data to improve interpretations from electrical, magnetic, and acoustic methods.  Geophysical service programs can provide custom geophysical data collection and interpretations in 1-, 2- and 3-dimensions, and over time.  These services are typically targeted to characterization of the shallow subsurface or near-borehole environments, and can be used to help address a range of earth-science, archeological and forensic problems.


Geophysics Highlights