Coal Economics Publications

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Publications by ISGS Type


B 56 Illinois Coal: A Nontechnical Account of Its Occurrence, Production, and Preparation. 1929. Reprinted 1932. 112p.
B 63 The Competitive Position of Illinois Coal in the Illinois Coal Market Area. 1936. 112p.


C 41 Potential Markets for Illinois Coal on the Upper Mississippi Waterway. 1938. 19p.
C 89 The Historical Development of the Illinois Coal Industry and the State Geological Survey. (Reprinted from Proceedings of the Illinois Mining Institute, p. 43-52, 1942.) 1943. 10p.
C 127 Coke--A Key Industrial Material. 1947. 7p.
C 128 Trends in Coal Utilization. 1947. 27p.
C 259 Fuels and Power in Manufacturing Industries. 1958. 25p.
C 268 Effect of Coal Inventories on Stability of the Coal Industry. 1959. 11p.
C 283 Economic Aspects of Direct Reduction of Iron Ore in Illinois. 1959. 19p.
C 310 Coal in the Future Energy Market. 1960. 15p.
C 337 Illinois-Missouri Mineral Resource Complex - A Base for Industrial Development. 1962. 60p.
C 338 Economic Trends Favoring the Use of Illinois Coal for Metallurgical Coke. 1962. 15p.
C 410 Production and Consumption of Mineral Fuels in Illinois, 1933-1964. 1967. 13p.
C 430 Gasification and Liquefaction - Their Potential Impact on Various Aspects of the Coal Industry. 1968. 28p.
C 477 Mineral Production in Illinois in 1971 and Summary of Illinois Mineral Production by Commodities, 1941-1970. 1973. 28p.

Environmental Geology Notes

EGN 40 Power and the Environment—A Potential Crisis in Energy Supply. 1970. 47p.
EGN 62 Energy Supply Problems for the 1970s and Beyond. 1973. 12p.
EGN 64 The U.S. Energy Dilemma: The Gap Between Today's Requirements and Tomorrow's Potential. 1973. 64p.

Illinois Minerals Notes

IMN 52 Fuels and Energy Situation in the Midwest Industrial Market. 1973. 32p.
IMN 55 The Energy Crisis and Its Potential Impact on the Illinois Clay Products Industry. 1974. 15p.
IMN 57 Electric Utility Plant Flue-Gas Desulfurization: A Potential New Market for Lime, Limestone, and other Carbonate Materials. 1974. 19p.
IMN 60 Factors Responsible for Variation in Productivity of Illinois Coal Mines. 1975. 18p.
IMN 63 Place for Coal in the Total Energy Needs of the United States. 1976. 14p.
IMN 64 Directory of Illinois Mineral Producers, 1974. 1976. 119p.
IMN 65 Illinois Coal--Development Potential. 1976. 20p.
IMN 67 Market Potential for Coals of the Illinois Basin. 1977. 60p.
IMN 81 The Future Competitive Position of Coal from the Illinois Basin. 1981. 25p.
IMN 84 Cost of Underground Coal Mining in Illinois. 1982. 14p.
IMN 90 The Lime and Limestone Market for Sulfur Removal: Potential for 1992. 1985. 15p.
IMN 96 Directory of Mineral Producers 1986-1987. 151p.
IMN 97 The Future of Illinois Basin Coal: 1994 and Beyond. 26p.
IMN 103 Directory of Mineral Producers 1988-1989. 1989. 134p.
IM 105 Illinois Mineral Industry in 1988 and Review of Preliminary Mineral Production Data for 1989. 1989. 43p.
IM 108 Illinois Mineral Industry in 1989 and Review of Preliminary Mineral Production Data for 1990. 1990. 43p.
IM 109 Directory of Illinois Mineral Producers 1992. 1992. 129p.
IM 110 Illinois Mineral Industry in 1990 and Review of Preliminary Mineral Production Data for 1991. 1991. 43p.
IM 111 Illinois Mineral Industry in 1991 and Review of Preliminary Mineral Production Data for 1992. 1992. 42p.
IM 112 Illinois Mineral Industry in 1992 and Review of Preliminary Mineral Production Data for 1993. 1993. 43p.
IM 116 Dynamics of the U.S. Coal Markets 1995 to 2010: How They Will Affect Illinois. 1997. 14p.

Mineral Economics Brief

MEB 26 Evaluation of Fuels--Long-Term Factors and Considerations. 1969. 7p.

Report of Investigations

RI 157 An Economic Study of Fuels in Manufacturing. 1951. 28p.