Out of Print Coal Publications

This web page presents digital versions of coal related publications produced by Illinois State Geological Survey authors over the past decades. Included are approximately 670 digital files of 300 documents, 450 plates and 160 county and quadrangle maps that have been scanned and converted to text-searchable PDF files. These documents contain an estimated 15,500 pages. Presently 60% of these documents are out of print, with the number that will be out of print increasing every year. These publications date back to the 1930's but include volumetrically many more modern works, and represents one of the most comprehensive collections of coal technical work produced by any single agency.

Most links below are PDF files and can be either downloaded to your computer by right clicking on each link, saving to your computer, and then opening the file in Adobe_Acrobat, or files can be viewed directly in your Web browser. Some PDF files can exceed 25 MB in size (mostly maps and plates); we therefore recommend downloading each file to your computer first.

These out of print publications are based on data and methodologies available at the time of publication. Findings, maps etc in these publications may be outdated. Newer data and publications may supercede some information in out of print publications. Some publications contain separate plates that need to be downloaded individually