Coal Mines Quadrangle Maps and Directories

These selected 7.5-minute quadrangle maps show active and abandoned mines and their known extent on a topographic map base which includes township, range, and section lines and surface features such as roads, towns, lakes, and rivers. The mines are color-coded by mining method and the relative precision and completeness of the source map used for the mine boundary are indicated. Accompanying each map is a directory that gives a brief history of mining on the quadrangle and lists for each mine the location of mine opening and tipples; the name, thickness, and depth of seams mined; production history; geologic problems reported; company names; mine names and numbers; type of mine; years operated; coal seam mined; and mine location. Click on a link of your quadrangle of interest from the map or the list to download a PDF version.

Don't know which quadrangle you're in? See ILMINES!

NOTE: A 1:24,0000 scale color plot version with directory is available for purchase, and can be ordered by contacting the ISGS at (217) 244-2414, or email at