Madison County Coal Data

Coal Mines: 

Madison County Coal Mine Map and Directory

This county map displays coal mines and/or underground industrial mineral mines. If coal mining has occured in this county, a directory of additional information about these coal mines is included with the map. Buffer regions for industrial mineral mines were incorporated into this map due to limited information regarding these mines. The size of the buffer region is dependent on the uncertainty or inaccuracy of the mine location. For more information regarding industrial mineral mines please contact the ISGS Industrial Minerals Section. The county maps also display quadrangle boundaries for which the ISGS has completed studies. Scale 1:100,000. PDF file.

Quadrangle Coal Mine Maps and Directories located in Madison County

These selected 7.5-minute quadrangle maps are available online as PDF versions and show active and abandoned mines and their known extent on a topographic map base which includes township, range, and section lines and surface features such as roads, towns, lakes, and rivers. The mines are color-coded by mining method and the relative precision and completeness of the source map used for the mine boundary are indicated. Scale 1:24,000. Accompanying each map is a directory that gives a brief history of mining on the quadrangle and lists for each mine the location of mine opening and tipples; the name, thickness, and depth of seams mined; production history; geologic problems reported; company names; mine names and numbers; type of mine; years operated; coal seam mined; and mine location.

Alton Quadrangle Map and Directory
Bethalto Quadrangle Map and Directory
Collinsville Quadrangle Map and Directory
Edwardsville Quadrangle Map and Directory
Monks Mound Quadrangle Map and Directory
New Douglas Quadrangle Map and Directory
Prairietown Quadrangle Map and Directory
St. Rose Quadrangle Map and Directory
Wood River Quadrangle Map and Directory
Worden Quadrangle Map and Directory

Coal Resources: 

Madison County structural elevation, depth, thickness, sulfur, and chlorine maps. Scale 1:100,000. PDF files.











On demand plots available for these maps! If you are unable to make your own large size plots from these PDF's we also offer an on demand plot for individual maps from our publication and sales office—for cost of the plot and handling. Please contact the ISGS at (217) 244-2414, or email at for more information on purchasing plots and other details.

Coal Logs: 

Madison County Coal Logs

The PDF file contains non-confidential coal log descriptions from the Coal Section's stratigraphic database in the county listed. Coal logs are sorted by township/range and section.

You can download the raw .dbf files from which the stratigraphic database is derived (if such files are what you require; most users will only want the PDF files).

Each PDF file has a summary sheet that contains an overview of data and geology for the county. Each coal log has a "header" element that contains location information, log type, log source and other information. For each log, North American Datum 1983 (NAD83) Longitude/Latitude coordinates in decimal degrees are provided as well as a legal description which uses the Public Land Survey System (PLSS).

Beneath the header is geology information for that data point. The Coal Section stratigraphic database from which this .PDF file is derived is a multi-project database which contains drill hole and outcrop descriptions of Pennsylvanian stratigraphy in Illinois. Consequently, the level of detail and accuracy in the data and their interpretation vary (sometimes widely) with the geologist, project type, or original data source. Multiple descriptions of a particular location may be present. Note that both the coal stratigraphic database and this .PDF listing are only a subset of the total amount of data available from the ISGS Geologic Records Library archives, and reflect only coal-specific data and interpretations of past and present Coal Section geologists. They are not a comprehensive listing of all data that may be available from the ISGS.