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Illinois Coal-Related GIS Shapefiles and Coal Stratigraphic Data – Digital coal resource shapefiles and raw database files available from the ISGS Coal Section. The listed shapefiles are the same ones that were used to construct the County Coal Map Series maps and Mined Out Area maps.

Illinois Coal Quality Data – Non-confidential coal quality data from over 5,800 samples in Illinois. North American Datum 1983 (NAD83) Longitude/Latitude unprojected coordinates in decimal degrees are provided. 4.0 MB Excel file

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Coal Industry Map

Coal Industry Map

This map shows the extent of Illinois' coal deposits; surface and underground mines, both active and inactive; coal transporation; and major coal-burning utilities.


Current Publications

Mine Subsidence in Illinois: Facts for Homeowners – Circular 569, 2013, 9 MB PDF file

Planned Coal Mine Subsidence in Illinois: A Public Information Booklet – Circular 573, 2008, 3 MB PDF file

Illinois Coal Mining Statistics – Coal production, coal mining productivity, coal-mined acreage, and coal resources available for mining.

The Proximity of Underground Mines – This study provides maps and statistics per county on the proximity of both coal and non-coal underground-mined areas to urban development:

Coal Geology of Illinois – A summary of the information on Illinois Coal Geology, including characteristics of Illinois Coal, both by region and major minable seams. Reprinted with permission from the Keystone Coal Industry Manual. 3.6 MB PDF file

Pennsylvanian Stratigraphic Column and Nomenclature currently in use by the Coal Section – A summary of references with changes in Pennsylvanian stratigraphic nomenclature at the ISGS since Bulletin 95. 225 KB PDF file

Paleoenvironments and Distribution of Low-Sulfur Coal in Illinois – Reprint 1986e, 1986, 800 KB PDF file

Availability of Coal Resources

Out of Print Coal Publications