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B034 Artesian waters of northeastern Illinois Carl B. Anderson 1919 Buy
B040 Oil investigations in 1917 and 1918 Illinois State Geological Survey 1919 Out of print
B037 Geology and mineral resources of the Hennepin and La Salle quadrangles Gilbert H. Cady 1919 Buy
B044A A restudy of the Staunton gas pool L. A. Mylius 1919 Out of print
B036 Year book for 1916 : administrative report and economic geological papers Illinois State Geological Survey 1920 Buy
B038c Geology and mineral resources of the Edgington and Milan quadrangles T. E. Savage and J. A. Udden 1921 Out of print
B042 Engineering and legal aspects of land drainage in Illinois G. W. Pickels and F. B. Leonard 1921 Out of print
B041 Geology of Hardin County, and the adjoining part of Pope County Stuart Weller, with the collaboration of Charles Butts, L. W. Currier, and R. D. Salisbury 1922 Out of print
B038 Year book for 1917 and 1918 : administrative report and economic and geological papers Illinois State Geological Survey 1922 Buy
B044B Oil and gas development in the vicinity of Jacksonville D. M. Collingwood 1923 Out of print
B043 Economic and geologic papers Illinois State Geological Survey 1923 Buy
B044C Oil and gas development and possibilities in parts of eastern Illinois L. A. Mylius 1923 Out of print
B045 Structural reconnaissance of the Mississippi Valley area from Old Monroe, Missouri, to Nauvoo, Illinois Frank Krey 1924 Buy
RI001 Further consideration of prospects for oil and gas in the Decatur area D. M. Collingwood 1924 Out of print
RI005 Structure of Herrin (no. 6) Coal seam near Duquoin D. J. Fisher 1925 Out of print
B048 Geology and mineral resources of the Carbondale Quadrangle J. E. Lamar 1925 Out of print
B051 Geology and mineral resources of the Joliet Quadrangle D. J. Fisher 1925 Report Out of print
RI003 Preliminary report of an investigation of the molding sand resources of Illinois M. S. Littlefield ; in cooperation with the Engineering Experiment Station of the University of Illinois 1925 Out of print
B046 Limestone resources of Illinois Frank Krey and J. E. Lamar 1925 Out of print
RI006 Proper testing for oil structures in Illinois and some areas deserving such testing Gail F. Moulton 1925 Out of print


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