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MEB007 Illinois 1962 mineral production by counties W. L. Busch 1964 Out of print
MEB006 Directory of Illinois sand and gravel producers W. L. Busch 1963 Out of print
MEB005 Summary of Illinois mineral production in 1961 W. L. Busch 1962 Out of print
MEB004 Summary of Illinois mineral production by commodities, 1941-1960 W. L. Busch 1962 Out of print
MEB003 Summary of Illinois mineral production in 1960 W. L. Busch 1961 Out of print
MEB002 Illinois stone production in 1960 W. L. Busch 1961 Out of print
MEB001 Directory of Illinois limestone and dolomite producers W. L. Busch 1961 Out of print
C238 Mineral production in Illinois in 1956 W. L. Busch, W. H. Voskuil 1957 Out of print
RPR1995-F Groundwater contamination from municipal landfills in the USA W. R. Roy 1995 $5.00
RPR1994-E Adsorption and desorption of atrazine and deethylatrazine by low organic carbon geologic materials W. R. Roy and I. G. Krapac 1994 $5.00
EG137 Geochemical interactions of two deep-well injected wastes with geological formations : long-term laboratory studies W. R. Roy, Beverly Seyler, John D. Steele, Duane M. Moore, and Ivan G. Krapac 1991 $5.00
RPR1993-K Sorption of cadmium and lead by clays from municipal incinerator ash-water suspensions W. R. Roy, I. G. Krapac, and J. D. Steele 1993 $5.00
EG130 Geochemical interactions of hazardous wastes with geological formations in deep-well systems W. R. Roy, S. C. Mravik, I. G. Krapac, D. R. Dickerson, R. A. Griffin 1989 Out of print
RPR1995-H Off-site movement of pesticide-contaminated fill from agrichemical facilities during the 1993 flooding in Illinois W. R. Roy, S.-F. J. Chou, and I. G. Krapac 1995 $5.00
EG107 Geochemical properties of coal wastes and the toxicological effects on aquatic life W. R. Roy, T. M. Skelly, I. G. Krapac, R. A. Griffin, D. R. Dickerson, R. M. Schuller, J. J. Suloway, N. F. Shimp 1984 $5.00
B002 The petroleum industry of southeastern Illinois W. S. Blatchley 1906 Out of print
IPGMKaneQAI Interim Map of Major Quaternary Aquifers : Kane County, Illinois W. S. Dey, A. M. Davis, J. C. Sieving, B. B. Curry, and C. C. Abert 2005 Out-of-print
FTLakeshelbyv Guide to the geology of the Lake Shelbyville area, Shelby and Moultrie Counties, Illinois W. T. Frankie, A. C. Phillips, R. J. Jacobson, and M. M. Killey, D. H. Wahl and J. H. Hoxmeier, G. S. Roadcap 1998 Buy
FTColumbia Guide to the geology of the Columbia and Waterloo area, Monroe County, Illinois W. T. Frankie, D. A. Grimley, R. J. Jacobson, R. D. Norby, S. V. Panno, and M. A. Phillips, J. E. Hoffman and M. R. Jeffords with contributions by C. P. Weibel and Z. Lasemi 1997 Buy
FTMtcarmel96d Guide to the geology of the Mount Carmel area, Wabash County, Illinois W. T. Frankie, R. J. Jacobson, and B. G. Huff, [John L. Masters]. 1996 Buy


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