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C113 Geophysical logging of water wells in northeastern Illinois Carl A. Bays and Stewart H. Folk 1944 Out of print
C114 Unitizing the royalty interests Frederick Squires 1944 Out of print
C115 Aromatic fluorine compounds : the synthesis of 2,5- and 3,5-difluorobenzotrifluorides G. C. Finger and F. H. Reed 1944 Out of print
C116 The meta monohalogenated benzotrifluorides G. C. Finger and M. L. Kalinowski 1945 Out of print
C117 Architects contribute to Illinois development Joseph F. Booton 1945 Out of print
C118 Resaturate while repressuring Frederick Squires 1945 Out of print
C119 Agstone used in Illinois in 1944 : preliminary annual report Walter H. Voskuil and Douglas F. Stevens 1945 Out of print
C120 Rustless pipe for war and peace Frederick Squires 1945 Out of print
C121 The Illinois State Geological Survey in war mineral research M. M. Leighton 1945 Out of print
C122 Use of electrical geophysical methods in groundwater supply Carl A. Bays 1945 Out of print
C123 Agstone used in Illinois in 1945 Walter H. Voskuil and Douglas F. Stevens 1946 Out of print
C124 What about our minerals? : A quiz book on the geology and mineral resources of Illinois. Illinois State Geological Survey 1946 Out of print
C125 Flood tide in Illinois Frederick Squires 1946 Out of print
C126 Operation of the Illinois State Geological Survey M. M. Leighton 1946 Out of print
C127 Coke : a key industrial material Walter H. Voskuil 1947 Out of print
C128 Trends in coal utilization Frank H. Reed, G. R. Yohe, O. W. Rees, and Harold W. Jackman 1947 Out of print
C129 Investigations on secondary recovery by the Illinois State Geological survey Alfred H. Bell 1947 Out of print
C130 Designs for oil field tools to aid in water flooding Frederick Squires 1947 Out of print
C131 Plant microfossils in correlation of coal beds R. M. Kosanke 1947 Out of print
C132 Agstone used in Illinois in 1946 Walter H. Voskuil, Douglas F. Stevens, and Ethel M. King 1947 Out of print


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