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RI081 Determination of ash in coals unusually high in calcite and pyrite O. W. Rees, W. A. Selvig, in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Interior, Bureau of Mines 1942 Out of print
RI082 Modern concepts of the physical constitution of coal Gilbert H. Cady. Practical significance of the physical constitution of coal in coal preparation / Louis C. McCabe 1942 Out of print
RI083 Occurrence and stratigraphic distribution of Paleozoic ostracodes Chalmer L. Cooper 1942 Out of print
RI084 Lateral variation in Chester sandstones producing oil and gas in lower Wabash River area : with special reference to New Harmony field George V. Cohee 1942 Out of print
RI085 Differential thermal analyses of clay minerals and other hydrous materials Ralph E. Grim, Richards A. Rowland 1942 Out of print
RI086 Effect of oxidation on reactivity and swelling of Illinois coals O. W. Rees and W. F. Wagner 1943 Out of print
RI087 Illinois mineral industry in 1941 Walter H. Voskuil, Douglas F. Stevens, and G. N. Oliver 1943 Out of print
RI088 Chemical characteristics of Illinois crude oils with a discussion of their geologic occurrence O. W. Rees, P. W. Henline, and A. H. Bell 1943 Out of print
RI089 Water flooding of oil sands in Illinois Frederick Squires and Alfred H. Bell 1943 Out of print
RI090 High-purity dolomite in Illinois H. B. Willman 1943 Out of print
RI091 An annotated synopsis of paleozoic fossil spores : and the definition of generic groups J. M. Schoph, L. R. Wilson, and Ray Bentall ; prepared in collaboration with the Dept. of Geology, Coe College, and the Tennessee State Division of Geology 1944 Out of print
RI092 Subsurface structure of the base of the Kinderhook-New Albany shale in central and southern Illinois Alfred H. Bell 1943 Out of print
RI093 Progress reports on subsurface studies of the Pennsylvanian system in the Illinois Basin Illinois State Geological Survey 1944 Out of print
RI094 Illinois mineral industry in 1942 Walter H. Voskuil and Douglas F. Stevens 1943 Out of print
RI095 Petrology of Bethel sandstone of south-central Illinois Willard D. Pye 1944 Out of print
RI096 Differential thermal analysis of clays and shales : a control and prospecting method R. E. Grim and R. A. Rowland 1944 Out of print
RI097 Corals from the Chouteau and related formations of the Mississippi Valley Region William H. Easton 1944 Buy
RI098 Smaller Foraminifera from the Porters Creek formation (Paleocene) of Illinois Chalmer L. Cooper 1944 Out of print
RI099 Domestic coke from Illinois coals : an experimental sole-heated oven Frank H. Reed and Harold W. Jackman 1944 Out of print
RI100 Illinois clays and shales as mortar mix R. K. Hursh, J. E. Lamar and R. E. Grim : in cooperation with Department of Ceramic Engineering, University of Illinois 1944 Out of print


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