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C073 Contributions to Pennsylvanian paleobotany : notes on the Lepidocarpaceae James M. Schopf 1941 Out of print
C074 Periglacial involutions in northeastern Illinois Robert P. Sharp 1942 Out of print
C075 Role of fundamental geologic principles in the opening of the Illinois Basin Alfred H. Bell 1941 Out of print
C076 Bituminous coal movements in the United States Walter H. Voskuil 1942 Out of print
C077 Predicting the behavior of clay Ralph E. Grim 1942 Out of print
C078 Directory of Illinois clay and clay products producers compiled by Douglas F. Stevens 1942 Out of print
C079 Status of the carbon-ratio theory in Illinois Alfred H. Bell 1942 Out of print
C080 Immediate need for research in structural clay products industry Douglas F. Stevens 1942 Out of print
C081 Determining the fusain content of Illinois coals : a comparison of chemical and petrographic methods B. C. Parks, G. W. Land, and O. W. Rees 1942 Out of print
C082 Agricultural limestone used in Illinois in 1941 : preliminary report by W. H. Voskuil, D. F. Stevens, G. N. Oliver 1942 Out of print
C083 Halloysite clay in Illinois J. E. Lamar 1942 Out of print
C084 The oxidizing power of Illinois coal : II. The effects of extended time G. R. Yohe and Myron H. Wilt 1942 Out of print
C085 Map of the State of Illinois showing areal type classification for wells in the Illinois coal basin prepared by E. F. Taylor and G. H. Cady 1942 Out of print
C086 Bibliographic index of new genera and families of Paleozoic Ostracoda since 1934 Allen F. Agnew 1942 Out of print
C087 Illinois' mineral resources, mapped by geological survey, important in war M. M. Leighton 1942 Out of print
C088 Structure of Herrin (no. 6) coal bed in Macoupin County, eastern Greene and Jersey, southeastern Scott, and southern Morgan and Sangamon Counties, Illinois James Norman Payne ; with discussion of oil and gas possibilities / William H. Easton 1942 Buy
C089 The historical development of the Illinois coal industry and the State Geological Survey M. M. Leighton and Don Carroll 1943 Out of print
C090 Secondary recovery can salvage stripper well reserves in Illinois Frederick Squires, Walter H. Voskuil, and Alfred H. Bell 1943 Out of print
C091 Studies of the Chester series in the Illinois Basin. Illinois State Geological Survey 1943 Out of print
C092 Rhythms in upper Pennsylvanian cyclothems J. Marvin Weller. Thickness of glacial drift in DuPage county, Illinois / A. C. Mason 1943 Out of print


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