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OFS2002-4 The geochemistry of groundwater from the shallow bedrock in central Vermilion County, Illinois Edward Mehnert and Gary B. Dreher 2002 Buy
C204 The Geneva (Middle Devonian) dolomite in Illinois Howard R. Schwalb 1955 Out of print
RI018 The gastropod genus Yvania : contribution to the paleontology of Illinois J. Marvin Weller 1929 Out of print
C594 The future of science of the Mahomet aquifer Steven E. Brown, Jason F. Thomason, Kisa E. Mwakanyamale 2018 Buy
IM097 The future of Illinois Basin coal : 1994 and beyond Subhash B. Bhagwat 1987 Buy
IM081 The future competitive position of coal from the Illinois Basin Subhash Bhagwat and Theodore J. Collins 1981 Out of print
C194 The flow of fluids through sandstones by Wolf von Engelhardt and W.L.M. Tunn ; translated by Paul A. Witherspoon 1955 Out of print
OFS2004-2 The environmental effects of ground-source heat pumps : a preliminary overview Edward Mehnert 2004 Buy
IM055 The energy crisis and its potential impact on the Illinois clay products industry Robert L. Major 1974 Out of print
OFS2016-2c The Effects of Bioswale Construction on Groundwater Adjacent to I-294 in Northern Cook County, Illinois Keith W. Carr, James J. Miner, Kathleen E. Bryant, Jessica R. Ackerman, Eric T. Plankell, and Colleen M. Long 2016 Buy
C482 The effect of buried Niagaran reefs on overlying strata in southwestern Illinois D. L. Stevenson 1973 Out of print
C142 The educational extension program of the Illinois State Geological Survey Gilbert O. Raasch 1948 Out of print
C520 The eastern margin of the Burlington-Keokuk (Valmeyeran) carbonate bank in Illinois Jerry A. Lineback 1981 Buy
EG153 The earthquake of September 2, 1999, in northern Illinois : big lessons from a small earthquake Timothy H. Larson 2001 Buy
C526 The Dwight mineralogical zone of the Yorkville Till Member, northeastern Illinois Myrna M. Killey 1982 buy
IP017 The Dupo oil field A. H. Bell. Petroleum production and development in Illinois during 1928 / Gail F. Moulton 1929 Out of print
IM059 The distribution and physical properties of chert gravel in Pike County, Illinois James C. Cobb and Norman C. Hester 1974 Buy
IP018 The Darmstadt anticline and related structures, St. Clair County Alfred H. Bell. Anticlinal areas near Renault, Monroe County / Gail F. Mounton 1929 Out of print
IP147 The Cypress Sandstone (Mississippian) reservoir and its recovery potential at Xenia East Oil Field, Clay County, Illinois Jianzhong Xu and Bryan G. Huff 1995 Buy
C522 The Cottage Grove Fault System in southern Illinois W. John Nelson and H.-F. Krausse ; with contributions by Hubert M. Bristol 1981 Buy


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