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GB020 Quaternary records of central and northern Illinois Leaders, Leon R. Follmer, Dennis P. McKenna, James E. King ; contributors, John M. Masters, E. Donald McKay, Richard C. Berg, Ardith K. Hansel, Alan D. Harn, Francis F. King, W. Hilton Johnson, Richard G. Baker, Amy E. Sullivan, Alan V. Morgan,Anne Morgan 1990 Buy
GB021 Wisconsinan and Sangamonian type sections of central Illinois Leaders: E. Donald McKay and Alan D. Harn ; contributors: Leon R. Follmer, Francis F. King, James E. King, Alan V. Morgan, Anne Morgan 1990 Buy
GB022 Quaternary records of northeastern Illinois and northwestern Indiana Ardith K. Hansel and W. Hilton Johnson ; with contributions by Peter Clark ... et al 1991 Buy
GB023 Quaternary records of southwestern Illinois and adjacent Missouri Russell W. Graham, Bonnie W. Styles, Jeffrey J. Saunders, Michael D. Wiant, E. Donald McKay, Thomas R. Styles, Edwin R. Hajic 1989 Buy
GB024 Structure and tectonics of the Rough Creek Graben western Kentucky and southeastern Illinois W. John Nelson, Donald K. Lumm 1992 Buy
GB025 Waulsortian Mounds and reservoir potential of the Ullin limestone ("Warsaw") in southern Illinois and adjacent areas in Kentucky Zakaria Lasemi, Janis D. Treworgy, Rodney D. Norby, John P. Grube, and Bryan G. Huff ; contributors: Garland R. Dever, Jr., Terry Teitloff, Richard D. Harvey 1994 Buy
GB026 Glacial sediments, landforms, paleosols, and 20,000-year-old forest bed in east-central Illinois Ardith K. Hansel,. Richard C. Berg, and Andrew C. Phillips, Vincent G. Gutowski, with contributions by Francois Hardy ... et al. 1999 Buy
GB027 Geology, hydrogeology, and water quality of the karst regions of southwestern Illinois and southeastern Missouri Samuel V. Panno and C. Pius Weibel, Carol M. Wicks, James E. Vandike 1999 Buy
GB028 Quaternary geology, geomorphology, and climatic history of Kane County, Illinois B. Brandon Curry, David A. Grimley, and Jay A. Stravers with contributions by Eric C. Grimm, Kathi L. Hibben, Matthew Barner, Michael D. Guebert, Ardith K. Hansel, Mary Ochsenschlager, Richard G. Baker 1999 Buy
GB029 The classic Silurian reefs of the Chicago area Donald G. Mikulic, Joanne Kluessendorf 1999 Buy
GB030 Neotectonics of the northern Mississippi Embayment W. John Nelson, Richard W. Harrison, David Hoffman 1999 Buy
GB031 Middle Mississippian carbonates and siliciclastics in western Illinois Zakaria Lasemi, Rodney D. Norby, and Joseph A. Devera, Bruce W. Fouke, Hannes E. Leetaru and F. Brett Denny 1999 Buy
GB032 Paleozoic and Quaternary geology of the St. Louis metro east area of western Illinois Rodney D. Norby and Zakaria Lasemi, editors and field conference chairmen, F. Brett Denny, Joseph A. Devera, David A. Grimley, Zakaria Lasemi, Donald G. Mikulic, Rodney D. Norby, and C. Pius Weibel, Joanne Kleussendorf 2000 Buy
GB033 Guidebook for field trips for the thirty-fifth annual meeting of the North-Central Section of the Geological Society of America : April 23-24, 2001 David Malone, editor 2001 Buy
GB034 Stratigraphy and biostratigraphy of the Mississippian subsystem (carboniferous system) in its type region, the Mississippi River Valley of Illinois, Missouri and Iowa Philip H. Heckel, Editor, Paul L. Brenckle, H.Richard Lane, Eugene C. Rankey, Brian J. Witzke, Bill J. Bunker, John M. Masters, Zakaria Lasemi 2005 Buy
GB035 Quaternary deposits and history of the Ancient Mississippi River Valley, north-central Illinois E. Donald McKay III, Richard C. Berg, Ardith K. Hansel, Timothy J. Kemmis, and Andrew J. Stumpf 2008 Buy
GB036 "Make No Little Plans": Field trip guidebook for the American Shore & Beach Preservation Association 2008 National Conference Michael J. Chrzastowski 2008 Buy
GB037 The Chicago River - A Legacy of Glacial and Coastal Processes: Guidebook for the 2009 Meeting of the North-Central Section of the Geological Society of America Michael J. Chrzastowski 2009 Buy
GB038 The Upper Mississippi Valley Lead-Zinc District Revisited: Mining History, Geology, Reclamation, and Environmental Issues Thirty Years after the Last Mine Closed Bruce A. Brown, Thomas C. Hunt, David M. Johnson, Daniel D. Reid 2009 Buy
GB039 Illinois Sinkhole Plain: Classic Karst Terrain of the Midwestern United States Samuel V. Panno, Keith C. Hackley, Walton, R. Kelly, Donald E. Luman 2011 Buy


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