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RPR1989-Q Clast ploughing, lodgement and glacier sliding over a soft glacier bed Peter U. Clark and Ardith K. Hansel 1989 $5.00
RPR1989-P Absence of Altonian glaciation in Illinois B. Brandon Curry 1989 Out of Print
RPR1989-O Excavation of an instrumented earthen liner : inspection of dyed flow paths and morphology K. A. Albrecht, B. L. Herzog, L. R. Follmer, I G. Krapac, R. A. Griffin, and K. Cartwright 1989 $5.00
RPR1989-N Use of geophysical logs to estimate water quality of basal Pennsylvanian sandstones, southwestern Illinois V. L. Poole, K. Cartwright, and D. Leap 1989 $5.00
RPR1989-M Improving the floatability and cleanability of ultrafine coal by the use of anionic surfactants. I. Correlation of surface structure with efficiency Richard B. Read, Cal Y. Meyers, Larry R. Camp and Roch Chan-Yu-King 1989 Out of Print
RPR1989-L Improving the floatability and cleanability of ultrafine coal by the use of anionic surfactants II. Effectiveness of surfactant/alcohol mixtures on bituminous coals Richard B. Read, Cal Y. Meyers, Larry R. Camp, and Michael S. Summers 1989 Out of Print
RPR1989-K Hydrogeological applications to regional three-dimensional mapping John P. Kempton, Richard C. Berg, David R. Soller 1989 $5.00
RPR1989-J Regional three-dimensional map of Laurentide glacial sediments in the United States : overview and applications for hydrogeology and land use David R. Soller 1989 $5.00
RPR1989-I Age, stratigraphic position, and significance of the Lemont drift, northeastern Illinois W. Hilton Johnson and Ardith K. Hansel 1989 $5.00
RPR1989-H Loessial soils : their relationship to width of the source valley in Illinois B. R. Putman, I. J. Jansen, and L. R. Follmer 1988 $5.00
RPR1989-G Source and origin of Roxana Silt and middle Wisconsinan midcontinent glacial activity W. Hilton Johnson and Leon R. Follmer 1989 $5.00
RPR1989-F Economics and environmental costs/benefits of secondary fine coal recovery--an Illinois case study Subhash B. Bhagwat ... [et al.] 1989 $5.00
RPR1989-E Recovery of coal from effluent of two operating mines L. A. Khan, J. W. Baxter, and R. J. Rice 1989 Out of print
RPR1989-D Froth flotation of coal fines from Illinois coal mine effluent L. A. Khan, J. W. Baxter, R. Rice 1989 Out of print
RPR1989-C Investigation of failure machanisms and migration of organic chemicals at Wilsonville, Illinois B. L. Herzog, R. A. Griffin, C. J. Stohr, L. R. Follmer, W. J. Morse, and W. J. Su 1989 $5.00
RPR1989-B Infiltration and hydraulic conductivity of a compacted earthen liner K. A. Albrecht and K. Cartwright 1989 $5.00
RPR1989-A Illinois Basin Coal Sample Program : status and sample characterization Richard D. Harvey and Carl W. Kruse 1989 Out of print
RPR1988-S The Illinois Basin Ultradeep Drillhole (IBUD) : a part of a plan for future continental scientific drilling by Morris W. Leighton, J. James Eidel and Paul C. Heigold 1988 $5.00
RPR1988-R Infiltration through layered-soil trench covers : response to an extended period of rainfall T. H. Larson, D. A. Keefer, K. A. Albrecht, and K. Cartwright 1988 Out of print
RPR1988-Q Mapping soil thermal properties in Illinois, USA. T.H. Larson 1988 $5.00


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