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C034 Engineering aspects of the geology of the Vienna City reservoir George E. Ekblaw 1938 Out of print
C035 Exhumed Ordovician hill near Joliet D. Jerome Fisher 1938 Out of print
C036 The preglacial Rock River Valley as a source of ground water for Rockford L. E. Workman 1938 Out of print
C037 Output from new Illinois fields and probable trend Alfred H. Bell 1938 Out of print
C038 Possible producing strata existing below the McClosky in Illinois Alfred H. Bell 1938 Out of print
C039 Gumbotil as a potential source of rotary drilling mud, bonding clay and bleaching clay : a progress report on the study of Illinois surficial clays J. E. Lamar, R. E. Grim and R. M. Grogan 1938 Out of print
C040 Kankakee arch in Illinois George E. Ekblaw 1938 Out of print
C041 Potential markets for Illinois coal on the upper Mississippi waterway Walter H. Voskuil 1938 Out of print
C042 Structure of Herrin (no. 6) coal bed in Hamilton, White, Saline, and Gallatin Counties, Illinois, north of Shawneetown fault Gilbert H. Cady ; assisted Earle F. Taylor, Charles C. Boley and others ; with notes on the Oil and gas possibilities / Alfred H. Bell 1939 Out of print
C043 1938's developments in Illinois Alfred H. Bell. Economic position of the Illinois oil industry / Walter H. Voskuil 1938 Out of print
C044 Some problems related to the preparation of Illinois coals L. C. McCabe 1939 Out of print
C045 Relation of the composition to the properties of clays Ralph E. Grim 1939 Out of print
C046 Nomenclature of the megascopic description of Illinois coals Gilbert H. Cady 1939 Out of print
C047 Agricultural limestone distribution in Illinois in 1938 : preliminary report W. H. Voskuil and G. N. Oliver ; in cooperation with the Mid-West Agricultural Limestone Institute 1939 Out of print
C048 Correlation of minable coals of Illinois, Indiana, and western Kentucky J. Marvin Weller and Harold R. Wanless 1939 Out of print
C049 Properties of clay Ralph E. Grim 1939 Out of print
C050 A new cycadophyte and its relatives James M. Schopf 1939 Out of print
C051 Coal balls as an index to the constitution of coal James M. Schopf 1939 Out of print
C052 The mono-nitration of benzotrifluoride G. C. Finger, N. H. Nachtrieb, and F. H. Reed 1939 Out of print
C053 Subsurface stratigraphy of Pennsylvanian formation associated with coal no. 6 in the region of Centralia, Illinois Gordon W. Prescott 1939 Out of print


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