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RI054 The market for Illinois oil in 1937 and 1938 Walter H. Voskuil 1939 Out of print
OFS2004-16 The Mahomet Aquifer: recent advances in our knowledge E. Mehnert, K. C. Hackley. T. H. Larson, S. V. Panno, A. Pugin, H. A. Wehrmann, T. R. Holm, G. S. Roadcap, S. D. Wilson, and K. L. Warner 2004 Buy
RI017 The limestone resources of the Pontiac-Fairbury region J. E. Lamar 1929 Out of print
IM090 The lime and limestone market for sulfur removal : potential for 1992. Subhash B. Bhagwat 1985 Buy
C571 The late-glacial and early holocene geology, paleoecology, and paleohydrology of the Brewster Creek site, a proposed wetland restoration site, Pratt's Wayne Woods Forest Preserve, and James "Pate" Philip State Park, Bartlett, Illinois B. Brandon Curry, Eric C. Grimm, Jennifer E. Slate, Barbara C.S. Hansen, and Michael E. Konen 2007 Buy
C486 The late Woodfordian Jules soil and associated Molluscan faunas John C. Frye, A. Byron Leonard, H. B. Willman, H. D. Glass, Leon R. Follmer 1974 buy
C246 The influence of coking time on expansion pressure and coke quality H. W. Jackman, R. L. Eissler, R. J. Helfinstine 1958 Out of print
IM003 The industrial minerals industry in Illinois in 1955 W. H. Voskuil and W. L. Busch. Trace elements and potash in some Illinois gravels / J. E. Lamar and R. S. Shrode 1956 Out of print
C121 The Illinois State Geological Survey in war mineral research M. M. Leighton 1945 Out of print
C-006 1911 The Illinois oil fields in 1910 Raymond S. Blatchley 1911 Out of print
C544 The Illinois Basin : a tidally and tectonically influenced ramp during mid-Chesterian time Janis D. Treworgy 1988 Buy
C540 The Hornsby district of low-sulfur Herrin coal in central Illinois (Christian, Macoupin, Montgomery, and Dangamon Counties) W. John Nelson with contributions by Philip J. DeMaris and Robert A. Bauer 1987 Buy
C089 The historical development of the Illinois coal industry and the State Geological Survey M. M. Leighton and Don Carroll 1943 Out of print
SPR002 The great flood of 1993 : geologic perspectives on the flooding along the Mississippi River and its tributaries in Illinois M. J. Chrzastowski, M. M. Killey, R. A. Bauer, P. B. DuMontelle, A. L. Erdmann, B. L. Herzog, J. M. Masters, and L. R. Smith 1994 Buy
C494 The gravity field and tectonics of Illinois L. D. McGinnis, P. C. Heigold, C. P. Ervin, M. Heidari 1976 Buy
RI009 The Glenwood beds as a horizon marker at the base of the Platteville formation Arthur Bevan 1926 Out of print
C511 The glacial boundary in southern Illinois H. B. Willman and John C. Frye 1980 Out of print
RI040 The geology and oil and gas possibilities of parts of Marion and Clay Counties: with a discussion of the central portion of the Illinois Basin J. Marvin Weller and Alfred H. Bell 1936 Out of print
B006 The geological map of Illinois -- 2nd edition Stuart Weller 1907 Buy
B001 The geological map of Illinois Stuart Weller 1906 Buy


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