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OFS1993-9c Thickness of Quaternary deposits, southern Will County Curtis C. Abert, Robert J. Krumm, Matthew H. Riggs, Melisa M. McLean, and E. Donald McKay 1993 Buy
OFS1993-10e Thickness of Quaternary deposits, north-central Lake County Matthew M. Riggs, Curtis A. Abert, Melisa M. McLean, Robert J. Krumm, and E. Donald McKay 1993 Buy
OFS2003-6b Thickness of Quaternary deposits of Tazewell County, Illinois Patrick D. Johnstone 2003 Buy
OFS1997-13c Thickness of Quaternary deposits of Carroll County, Illinois Christopher S. McGarry 1997 Buy
OFS1995-13c Thickness of Quaternary deposits in Will and southern Cook Counties, Illinois Melisa M. McLean and Edward C. Smith 1995 Buy
OFS1997-1e Thickness of Quaternary deposits in McLean County, Illinois Melisa M. McLean, Maureen D. Kelly and Matthew H. Riggs 1997 Buy
OFS1999-1g Thickness of Quaternary deposits in Lee County, Illinois Renee J. Nagy 1999 Buy
C415 Thermal expansion of certain Illinois limestones and dolomites Richard D. Harvey 1967 Buy
IM024 Thermal expansion of certain Illinois limestones Richard D. Harvey 1966 Out of print
FTThebes Thebes Area : Alexander County, Jonesboro and Thebes Quadrangles, Geological Science Field Trip William Cote, David L. Reinertsen, Myrna M. Killey 1968 Buy
OFS2005-8 The White cliffs of Ottawa : the St. Peter Sandstone and North America's largest silica production facility S. K. Keith and T. J. Kemmis 2005 Buy
C509 The Wabash Valley Fault System in southeastern Illinois Hubert M. Bristol and Janis D. Treworgy 1979 Buy
GB038 The Upper Mississippi Valley Lead-Zinc District Revisited: Mining History, Geology, Reclamation, and Environmental Issues Thirty Years after the Last Mine Closed Bruce A. Brown, Thomas C. Hunt, David M. Johnson, Daniel D. Reid 2009 Buy
EG064 The U.S. energy dilemma : the gap between today's requirements and tomorrow's potential Hubert E. Risser 1973 Out of print
C110 The structure diorama Frederick Squires 1944 Out of print
ES01 The story of the geologic making of southern Illinois Stuart Weller 1927 Out of print
OFS1993-6 The southern Lake Michigan coastal erosion study: bibliography of publications by the Illinois State Geological Survey January 1988 to March 1993 compiled by Michael J. Chrzastowski, principal investigator 1993 Buy
IP006 The Sorento Dome Alfred H. Bell 1926 Out of print
IM080 The Seelyville Coal: a major unexploited seam in Illinois Colin G. Treworgy 1981 Buy
COOP016 The Sankoty-Mahomet aquifer in the confluence area of the Mackinaw and Mahomet Bedrock Valleys, central Illinois : a reassessment of aquifer characteristics Steven D. Wilson, John P. Kempton, R. Brandon Lott 1994 Buy


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