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RI137 Viscosity studies of system CaO-MgO-Al2O3-SiO2: II, CaO-Al2O3-SiO2 J. S. Machin and Tin Boo Yee 1948 Out of print
RI136 Analysis of coal cleaning on a concentrating table Charles C. Boley 1949 Out of print
RI135 Subsurface correlations of lower Chester strata of the eastern interior basin David H. Swann and Elwood Atherton 1948 Out of print
RI134 Differential thermal curves of prepared mixtures of clay minerals, and Rehydration and dehydration of the clay minerals Ralph E. Grim and W. F. Bradley 1948 Out of print
RI133 Correlation of domestic stoker combustion with laboratory tests and types of fuels : III. Effect of coal size upon combustion characteristics Roy J. Henfinstine 1948 Out of print
RI132 Chemical characteristics of banded ingredients of coal O. W. Rees, W. F. Wagner, and W. G. Tilbury 1948 Out of print
RI131 Marine pool, Madison County, Illinois, Silurian-reef producer Heinz A. Lowenstam 1948 Out of print
RI130 Omaha pool and mica-peridotite intrusives, Gallatin County, Illinois R.M. English and R.M. Grogan 1948 Out of print
RI129 Physiographic divisions of Illinois M. M. Leighton, George E. Ekblaw, and Leland Horberg 1948 Out of print
RI128 Clay and shale resources of extreme southern Illinois J. E. Lamar 1948 Buy
RI127 Illinois mineral industry in 1946 Walter H. Voskuil 1947 Out of print
RI126 Role of microfossils in interregional Pennsylvanian correlations Chalmer L. Cooper 1947 Out of print
RI125 Relation of clay mineralogy to origin and recovery of petroleum Ralph E. Grim 1947 Out of print
RI124 Geological structure of the zinc-lead district of northwestern Illinois H. B. Willman and R. R. Reynolds 1947 Out of print
RI123 I. Reaction of different clay minerals with some organic cations, and II. Reaction of clays with organic cations in producing refractory insulation R. E. Grim, W. H. Allaway, and F. L. Cuthbert 1947 Out of print
RI122 Upper Kinkaid (Mississippian) microfauna from Johnson County, Illinois Chalmer L. Cooper 1947 Out of print
RI121 Illinois mineral industry in 1945 Walter H. Voskuil, Douglas F. Stevens, and Nina T. Hamrick 1946 Out of print
RI120 Correlation of domestic stoker combustion with laboratory tests and types of fuels : II. Combustion tests and preparation studies of representative Illinois coals Roy J. Henfinstine and Charles C. Boyey 1946 Out of print
RI119 King oil field, Jefferson County, Illinois Stewart H. Folk and David H. Swann 1946 Out of print
RI118 Preglacial erosion surfaces in Illinois Leland Horberg 1946 Out of print


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