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C333 Wettability of coal, graphite, and naphthalene as measured by contact angles R. E. Eissler, K. E. Van Holde 1962 Out of print
C334 Stratigraphy and mineralogy of the Wisconsinan loesses of Illinois John C. Frye, H. D. Glass, H. B. Willman 1962 Out of print
C335 Silica brick from northern Illinois silica sand D. L. Deadmore, J. S. Machin 1962 Buy
C336 Sand and gravel resources of McHenry County, Illinois Richard C. Anderson, Douglas A. Block 1962 Out of print
C337 Illinois-Missouri mineral resources complex : a base for industrial development Hubert E. Risser 1962 Out of print
C338 Economic trends favoring the use of Illinois coal for metallurgical coke Hubert E. Risser 1962 Out of print
C339 Shape and distribution patterns of Pennsylvanian sand bodies in Illinois Paul Edwin Potter 1962 Out of print
C340 Late Mississippian sandstones of Illinois Paul Edwin Potter 1962 Out of print
C341 Mineral production in Illinois in 1961 W. L. Busch 1962 Out of print
C342 Areal geology of the Illinois fluorspar district. Part I. Saline Mines, Cave in Rock, Dekoven, and Repton Quadrangles James W. Baxter, Paul Edwin Potter, F. L. Doyle 1963 Out of print
C343 Collection and preparation of conodonts through mass production techniques Charles Collinson 1963 Buy
C344 Earthquakes and crustal movement as related to water load in the Mississippi Valley region Lyle D. McGinnis 1963 Out of print
C345 Impact resistance of Illinois limestones and dolomites Richard D. Harvey 1963 Buy
C346 Limestone resources of the lower Kaskaskia Valley James C. Bradbury 1963 Buy
C347 Mineralogy of glacial tills and their weathering profiles in Illinois. Part I. Glacial tills H. B. Willman, H. D. Glass, John C. Frye 1963 Out of print
C348 Strippable coal reserves of Illinois. Part 5A, Fulton, Henry, Knox, Peoria, Stark, Tazewell, and parts of Bureau, Marshall, Mercer, and Warren Counties William H. Smith, Dwain J. Berggren 1963 Buy
C349 Wapella East oil pool, De Witt, County, Illinois : a Silurian reef Richard H. Howard 1956 Out of print
C350 Studies on the ultrafine structure of some Illinois coals J. S. Machin, Frances Staplin, D. L. Deadmore 1963 Out of print
C351 Structural framework of southernmost Illinois Charles A. Ross 1963 Buy
C352 Buff-burning clay resources of southwestern and southern Illinois Walter E. Parham, W. Arthur White 1963 Buy


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