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RI115 Diagnostic criteria for clay minerals W. F. Bradley 1946 Out of print
C124 What about our minerals? : A quiz book on the geology and mineral resources of Illinois. Illinois State Geological Survey 1946 Out of print
RI126 Role of microfossils in interregional Pennsylvanian correlations Chalmer L. Cooper 1947 Out of print
C130 Designs for oil field tools to aid in water flooding Frederick Squires 1947 Out of print
C127 Coke : a key industrial material Walter H. Voskuil 1947 Out of print
C138 Certain geological conditions that cause mining fatalities Rolf W. Roley 1947 Out of print
IP056 Oil and gas development in Illinois in 1946 Alfred H. Bell and Virginia Kline 1947 Out of print
C133 A comparative study of stigmarian appendages and isoetes roots Wilson N. Stewart 1947 Out of print
RI124 Geological structure of the zinc-lead district of northwestern Illinois H. B. Willman and R. R. Reynolds 1947 Out of print
C136 Some trisubstituted benzotrifluorides G. C. Finger and Martin Knell. Some factors in the synthesis of 3,5-dinitrobebenzotrifluoride / O. F. Williams and G. C. Finger 1947 Out of print
C128 Trends in coal utilization Frank H. Reed, G. R. Yohe, O. W. Rees, and Harold W. Jackman 1947 Out of print
RI127 Illinois mineral industry in 1946 Walter H. Voskuil 1947 Out of print
C131 Plant microfossils in correlation of coal beds R. M. Kosanke 1947 Out of print
C139 Reaction of coal with oxygen in the presence of aqueous sodium hydroxide : effect of methylation with dimethl sulfate G. R. Yohe and Eva O. Blodgett 1947 Out of print
RI122 Upper Kinkaid (Mississippian) microfauna from Johnson County, Illinois Chalmer L. Cooper 1947 Out of print
C134 Rustless coupling for asbestos-cement pipe Frederick Squires 1947 Out of print
RI125 Relation of clay mineralogy to origin and recovery of petroleum Ralph E. Grim 1947 Out of print
C137 Transparent model of reservoir showing displacement of oil by conjoint use of gas and water Frederick Squires 1947 Out of print
C129 Investigations on secondary recovery by the Illinois State Geological survey Alfred H. Bell 1947 Out of print
IP055 Developments in Illinois and Indiana in 1946 Alfred H. Bell and Ralph E. Esarey 1947 Out of print


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