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C313 Effects of outdoor storage on Illinois steam coals O. W. Rees, F. C. Coolican, E. D. Pierron, C. W. Beeler 1961 Out of print
C314 Anvil rock sandstone and channel cutouts of Herrin (no. 6) coal in west-central Illinois Paul Edwin Potter, J. A. Simon 1961 Buy
C315 Electrokinetics : III, Surface conductance and the conductive solids effect Norman Street 1961 Out of print
C316 Geology and petrology of the Trivoli sandstone in the Illinois Basin Marvin J. Andresen 1961 Buy
C317 Use of Illinois coal fines in production of metallurgical coke H. W. Jackman, R. J. Helfinstine 1961 Out of print
C318 Underground storage of natural gas in Illinois Alfred H. Bell 1961 Out of print
C319 Preliminary range charts of conodonts from the Chester series (Mississippian) in the Illinois Basin Carl B. Rexroad, Charles Collinson 1961 Out of print
C320 Geology of the Pomona Quadrangle, Illinois George A. Desborough 1961 Buy
C321 Uses of limestone and dolomite J. E. Lamar 1961 Buy
C322 Lower Pennsylvanian clay resources of Rock Island, Mercer, and Henry Counties, Illinois Walter E. Parham 1961 Buy
C323 Integrated seismic, resistivity, and geologic studies of glacial deposits Lyle D. McGinnis, John P. Kempton 1961 Out of print
C324 Regional maps of vertical magnetic intensity in Illinois Lyle D. McGinnis, Paul C. Heigold 1961 Buy
C325 Oil and gas in the Adams-Brown-Schuyler County area, Illinois Richard H. Howard 1961 Buy
C326 Spechts Ferry (Middle Ordovician) bryozoan fauna from Illinois, Wisconsin, and Iowa T. G. Perry 1962 Buy
C327 Mineral production in Illinois in 1960 W. L. Busch 1962 Out of print
C328 Six charts showing biostratigraphic zones, and correlations based on conodonts from the Devonian and Mississippian rocks of the Upper Mississippi Valley Charles Collinson, Alan J. Scott, Carl B. Rexroad 1962 Out of print
C329 Solid state reactions of CaF2 with oxides in the presence of water vapor D. L. Deadmore, J. S. Machin 1962 Out of print
C330 Trace elements, rare earths, and chemical composition of southern Illinois igneous rocks J. C. Bradbury 1962 Buy
C331 Chemical and physical character of the Pennsylvanian sandstones in central Illinois James C. Bradbury, Meredith O. Ostrom, J. E. Lamar 1962 Buy
C332 Geology of the Illinois parts of the Cairo, La Center, and Thebes quadrangles W. A. Pryor, C. A. Rose 1962 Buy


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