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C253 Tiskilwa drift-gas area Bureau and Putnam Counties, Illinois Wayne F. Meents 1958 Buy
C254 Age of the Springville shale (Mississippian) of Southern Illinois Charles Collinson, Alan J. Scott 1958 Out of print
C255 Three ostracode faunas from lower and middle Mississippian strata in southern Illinois Richard H. Benson, Charles Collinson 1958 Buy
C256 Geology and petrology of the Anvil Rock sandstone of southern Illinois M. E. Hopkins 1958 Out of print
C257 Mineral production in Illinois in 1957 W. L. Busch 1958 Out of print
C258 Relation of Silurian reefs to Ordovician structure in the Patoka oil area Thomas W. Smoot 1958 Out of print
C259 Fuels and power in manufacturing industries W. H. Voskuil 1958 Out of print
C260 Strippable coal reserves of Illinois. Part 2, Jackson, Monroe, Perry, Randolph, and St. Clair Counties William H. Smith 1958 Out of print
C261 Some plastic properties of pastes made from hydrated dolomitic and high-calcium limes D. L. Deadmore, J. S. Machin 1958 Out of print
C262 Studies of waterflood performance. IV, Influence of curtailments on recovery T. P. Maher 1958 Out of print
C263 Electrokinetics. I, Electroviscosity and the flow of reservoir fluids. Illinois State Geological Survey 1959 Out of print
C264 Determination of acidic groups in coal tars by non-aqueous titration T. P. Maher 1959 Out of print
C265 Barite in the southern Illinois Fluorspar district J. C. Bradbury 1959 Buy
C266 Water-sorption characteristics of clay minerals W. Arthur White, Ernesto Pichler 1959 Out of print
C267 Spar Mountain sandstone in Cooks Mills area, Coles and Douglas Counties, Illinois Lester L. Whiting 1959 Buy
C268 Effect of coal inventories on stability of the coal industry H. E. Risser 1959 Out of print
C269 Plastic properties of coal E. D. Pierron, O. W. Rees, G. L. Clark 1959 Out of print
C270 Effects of hydration procedures and calcination in the presence of NaCl on the properties of lime hydrates D. L. Deadmore, J. S. Machin 1959 Out of print
C271 Subsurface geology and coal resources of the Pennsylvanian system in Douglas, Coles, and Cumberland Counties, Illinois Kenneth E. Clegg 1959 Out of print
C272 Freeburg gas pool St. Clair County, Illinois Wayne F. Meents 1959 Buy


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