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RPR1998-I Development of carbon-based adsorbents for removal of mercury emissions from coal combustion flue gas M. Rostam-Abadi, H-C Hsi, S. Chen, M. Rood, R. Chang, T. R. Carey, C. F. Richardson, B. Rosenhoover 1998 $5.00
RPR1998-H Proxy of monsoon seasonality in carbon isotopes from paleosols of the southern Chinese Loess Plateau Hong Wang, Leon R. Follmer 1998 $5.00
RPR1998-G Evidence at Lomax, Illinois, for mid-Wisconsin (~40,000 yr B.P.) position of the Des Moines Lobe and for diversion of the Mississippi River by the Lake Michigan Lobe (20,350 yr B.P.) B. Brandon Curry 1998 $5.00
RPR1998-F A hybrid optimization approach to the estimation of distributed parameters in two-dimensional confined aquifers Manoutchehr Heidari and S. Ranji Ranjithan 1998 $5.00
RPR1998-E Magnetic susceptibility and mineral zonations controlled by provenance in loess along the Illinois and central Mississippi River valleys David A. Grimley, Leon R. Follmer, and E. Donald McKay 1998 $5.00
RPR1998-D Palynology of the Lost Branch Formation of Kansas--new insights on the major floral transition at the Middle-Upper Pennsylvanian boundary Russel A. Peppers 1998 Out of Print
RPR1998-C Environmentally critical elements in channel and cleaned samples of Illinois coals Ilham Demir, Rodney R. Ruch, Heinz H. Damberger, Richard D. Harvey, John D. Steele and Ken K. Ho 1998 $5.00
RPR1998-B Preliminary method development and evaluation of a statewide assessment of ground water and surface water interactions Richard C. Berg, Donald A. Keefer, Misganaw Demissie, Ganapathi Ramamurthy, and Charles A. Job 1997 $5.00
RPR1998-A Tertiary and Quaternary tectonic faulting in southernmost Illinois W. John Nelson, F. Brett Denny, Joseph A. Devera, Leon R. Follmer, John M. Masters 1998 $5.00
RPR1997-K Abundances of sulfur, chlorine, and trace elements in Illinois Basin Coals, USA C.-L. Chou 1997 $5.00
RPR1997-J Digital reproduction of historical serial photographic prints for preserving a deteriorating archive Donald E. Luman, Christopher Stohr, and Leta Hunt 1997 $5.00
RPR1997-I Illite polytype quantification using Wildfire [copyright symbol] calculated x-ray diffraction patterns Georg H. Granthoff and D. M. Moore 1997 $5.00
RPR1997-H Comment on: Definition of clay and clay mineral: joint report of the AIPEA nomenclature and CMS nomenclature committees D. M. Moore 1997 $5.00
RPR1997-G Geologic factors affecting the abundance, distribution, and speciation of sulfur in coals C.-L. Chou 1997 $5.00
RPR1997-E Results and lessons learned from coastal monitoring at Forest Park Beach on the Illinois Shore of Lake Michigan Michael J. Chrzastowski and C. Brian Trask 1997 $5.00
RPR1997-D Availability of coal resources for future development in Illinois Colin Treworgy 1997 $5.00
RPR1997-C Loess studies in central United States Leon R. Follmer 1997 $5.00
RPR1997-B Late Quaternary temporal and event classifications, Great Lakes region, North America W. Hilton Johnson, Ardith K. Hansel, E. Arthur Bettis III, Paul F. Karrow, Grahame J. Larson, Thomas V. Lowell, and Allan F. Schneider 1997 $5.00
RPR1997-A Silicon R. Lewis Jones and Gary B. Dreher 1997 $5.00
RPR1996-H Utilization of fly ash in structural and decorative ceramic products R. E. Hughes, G. B. Dreher, M. R. Rostam-Abadi, D. M. Moore, and P. J. DeMaris 1996 $5.00


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