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RI197 Igneous intrusive rocks in Illinois and their economic significance K. E. Clegg, J. C. Bradbury 1956 Out of print
RI196 Groundwater geology of White County, Illinois Wayne A. Pryor 1956 Buy
RI195 Preliminary report on portland cement materials in Illinois J. E. Lamar, J. S. Machin, W. H. Voskuil, H. B. Willman 1956 Out of print
RI194 Groundwater geology of Lee and Whiteside Counties, Illinois John W. Foster 1956 Buy
RI193 Subsurface geology and coal resources of the Pennsylvanian system in Crawford and Lawrence Counties, Illinois Paul Edwin Potter 1956 Out of print
RI192 Pleistocene deposits along the Mississippi Valley in central-western Illinois Leland Horberg 1956 Out of print
RI191 Groundwater geology of the East St. Louis area, Illinois Robert E. Bergstrom, Theodore R. Walker 1956 Out of print
RI190 Some experimental factors that modify differential thermograms of bituminous coal Kenneth E. Clegg 1955 Out of print
RI189 Subsurface stratigraphy of the Kinderhook series in Illinois L. E. Workman and Tracey Gillette 1956 Out of print
RI188 Sandstone resources of extreme southern Illinois : preliminary report D. L. Biggs, J. E. Lamar 1955 Buy
RI187 Char for metallurgical coke F. H. Reed, H. W. Jackman, P. W. Henline 1955 Out of print
RI186 North American paleozoic Chitinozoa Charles Collinson, Howard Schwalb 1955 Out of print
RI185 Stratigraphic and sedimentologic aspects of the Lemont drift of northeastern Illinois Leland Horberg and Paul Edwin Potter 1955 Out of print
RI184 Illinois building stones J. E. Lamar, H. B. Willman 1955 Out of print
RI183 Subsurface geology and coal resources of the Pennsylvanian system in Wabash County, Illinois G. H. Cady, M. B. Rolley, Adabell Karstrom, M. A. Parker, M. E. Hopkins 1955 Buy
RI182 Structure of the Shoal Creek limestone and Herrin (no. 6) coal in Wayne County, Illinois Ernest P. DuBois and Raymond Siever 1955 Out of print
RI181 Subsurface geology and coal resources of the Pennsylvanian system in Jasper County, Illinois F. E. Williams, M. B. Rolley 1955 Buy
RI180 Mazostachys, a new calamite fructification Robert M. Kosanke 1955 Buy
RI179 Geochemical prospecting in the zinc-lead district of northwestern Illinois J. C. Bradbury 1955 Buy
RI178 Metamorphism of coal by peridotite dikes in southern Illinois Kenneth E. Clegg 1955 Out of print


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