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C233 Pottery clay resources of Illinois Edward C. Jonas 1957 Buy
C234 Microscopy of the resin rodlets of Illinois coal Robert M. Kosanke, John A. Harrison 1957 Out of print
C235 Spectrochemical determination of copper, nickel, and vanadium in crude petroleum Kozo Nagashima, J. S. Machin 1957 Out of print
C236 Fluid flow in petroleum reservoirs. I, the Kozeny paradox Walter Rose 1957 Out of print
C237 Studies of waterflood performance. III, Use of network models Walter Rose 1957 Out of print
C238 Mineral production in Illinois in 1956 W. L. Busch, W. H. Voskuil 1957 Out of print
C239 Use of trace metals to identify Illinois crude oils Paul A. Witherspoon, Kozo Nagashima 1957 Buy
C240 Comparison of methods for determination of volatile matter and ash in coal O. W. Rees, F. A. Coolican, E. D. Pierron 1957 Buy
C241 Variation in coal reflectance Raymond Siever 1957 Out of print
C242 Fluid flow in petroleum reservoirs. II, Predicted effects of sand consolidation Meredith E. Ostrom 1957 Out of print
C243 Trace elements in Illinois Pennsylvanian limestones Meredith E. Ostrom 1957 Out of print
C244 Brine disposal in Illinois oil fields Alfred H. Bell, in cooperation with the Interstate Oil Compact Commission 1957 Buy
C245 Petrography and origin of Illinois nodular cherts Donald L. Biggs 1957 Out of print
C246 The influence of coking time on expansion pressure and coke quality H. W. Jackman, R. L. Eissler, R. J. Helfinstine 1958 Out of print
C247 Chitinozoan faunule of the Devonian Cedar Valley Formation Charles Collinson, Alan J. Scott 1958 Buy
C248 Groundwater geology in east-central Illinois : a preliminary geologic report Lidia F. Selkregg, John P. Kempton 1958 Out of print
C249 Stratigraphic policy of the Illinois State Geological Survey H. B. Willman, David H. Swann, John C. Frye 1958 Out of print
C250 Fishhook gas pool, Pike and Adams Counties, Illinois Wayne F. Meents 1958 Out of print
C251 Hydraulic fracture theory. Part I, Mechanics of materials James M. Cleary 1958 Out of print
C252 Hydraulic fracture theory. Part II, Fracture orientation and possibility of fracture control James M. Cleary 1958 Out of print


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