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C213 Factors affecting coke size H.W. Jackman, P.W. Hanline, and F.H. Reed 1956 Out of print
C214 Geologic structure map of the northwestern Illinois zinc-lead district J. C. Bradbury, R. M. Grogan, R. J. Cronk 1956 Out of print
C215 Quality of groundwater estimated from electric resistivity logs Wayne A. Pryor 1956 Out of print
C216 Germanium in fly ash and its spectrochemical determination J. S. Machin, Juanita Witters 1956 Out of print
C217 Classification of the Pennsylvanian rocks of Illinois as of 1956 Harold R. Wanless. correlation chart / compiled Raymond Siever 1956 Out of print
C218 Mineral production in Illinois in 1955 W. H. Voskuil, W. L. Busch 1956 Out of print
C219 Coking coals of Illinois : their use in blends for metallurgical coke H. W. Jackman, R. L. Eissler, F. H. Reed 1956 Out of print
C220 Unpublished reports on open file. IV, Stratigraphy and areal geology Lois S. Kent 1956 Out of print
C221 Sampling limestone and dolomite deposits for trace and minor elements J. E. Lamar, K. B. Thomson 1956 Buy
C222 Groundwater geology in western Illinois, north part : a preliminary geologic report Robert E. Bergstrom 1956 Out of print
C223 Relation between earth resistivity and glacial deposits near Shelbyville, Illinois James E. Hackett 1956 Out of print
C224 Studies of waterflood performance. II, Trapping oil in a pore doublet Walter Rose, Paul A. Witherspoon 1956 Out of print
C225 Groundwater geology in south-central Illinois : a preliminary geologic report Lidia F. Selkregg, Wayne A. Pryor, John P. Kempton 1957 Out of print
C226 Gypsum and anhydrite in Illinois Donald B. Saxby, J. E. Lamar 1957 Out of print
C227 Weathering of Illinois coals during storage H. W. Jackman, R. L. Eissler, F. H. Reed 1957 Out of print
C228 Strippable coal reserves of Illinois. Part 1, Gallatin, Hardin, Johnson, Pope, Saline, and Williamson Counties William H. Smith 1957 Out of print
C229 Graphic analyses of oil well drilling and production, 1937-1955 Lester L. Whiting, Margaret O. Oros 1957 Out of print
C230 Subsurface dolomite and limestone resources of Grundy and Kendall Counties Meredith E. Ostrom 1957 Buy
C231 Refraction seismic investigations Rosiclare fluorspar district, Illinois. Part I, Goose Creek area Robert B. Johnson 1957 Buy
C232 Groundwater geology in western Illinois, south part : a preliminary geologic report Robert E. Bergstrom, Arthur J. Zeizel 1957 Buy


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