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C071 Structure of Herrin (no. 6) coal bed in Madison County and western Bond, western Clinton, southern Macoupin, southwestern Montgomery, northern St. Clair, and northwestern Washington Counties, Illinois J. Norman Payne ; with notes on the oil and gas possibilities Alfred H. Bell 1941 Out of print
C066 Mammoth found in Peorian loess near Belleview, Illinois H. B. Willman 1941 Out of print
IP038 Development in Eastern Interior Basin in 1940 Alfred H. Bell 1941 Out of print
RI074 Illinois mineral industry in 1940 ; Historical summary, 1919-1939 Walter H. Voskuil and G. N. Oliver 1941 Out of print
C069 Geology and its relation to the chemistry teacher George V. Cohee 1941 Out of print
RI077 Chester ostracodes of Illinois Chalmer L. Cooper 1941 Out of print
C072 Agricultural limestone used in Illinois in 1940 : preliminary report W. H. Voskuil and G. N. Oliver 1942 Out of print
C083 Halloysite clay in Illinois J. E. Lamar 1942 Out of print
RI080 Modern concepts of clay materials Ralph E. Grim 1942 Out of print
C086 Bibliographic index of new genera and families of Paleozoic Ostracoda since 1934 Allen F. Agnew 1942 Out of print
B066 Geology and mineral resources of the Marseilles, Ottawa, and Streator quadrangles H.B. Willman, and J. Norman Payne, with an introduction to mineral resources by W. H. Voskuil 1942 Buy
C078 Directory of Illinois clay and clay products producers compiled by Douglas F. Stevens 1942 Out of print
RI083 Occurrence and stratigraphic distribution of Paleozoic ostracodes Chalmer L. Cooper 1942 Out of print
IP042 Developments in Eastern Interior Basin, in 1941 Alfred H. Bell 1942 Out of print
C081 Determining the fusain content of Illinois coals : a comparison of chemical and petrographic methods B. C. Parks, G. W. Land, and O. W. Rees 1942 Out of print
RI078 Correlation of domestic stoker combustion with laboratory tests and types of fuels : I. Preliminary studies L. C. McCabe, S. Konzo, O. W. Rees 1942 Out of print
C084 The oxidizing power of Illinois coal : II. The effects of extended time G. R. Yohe and Myron H. Wilt 1942 Out of print
IP040 A field test on the use of fibre pipe as a substitute for steel in cementing oil wells Frederick Squires 1942 Out of print
RI081 Determination of ash in coals unusually high in calcite and pyrite O. W. Rees, W. A. Selvig, in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Interior, Bureau of Mines 1942 Out of print
C087 Illinois' mineral resources, mapped by geological survey, important in war M. M. Leighton 1942 Out of print


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