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IP118 Catalog of Devonian and deeper tests in southern Illinois David L. Stevenson, John N. Keys, Robert M. Cluff 1980 Buy
RI215 Caves of Illinois J Harlen Bretz, S. E. Harris, Jr. 1961 Out of print
OFS2004-6 Centreville potential wetland compensation site: Level II hydrogeologic characterization report Steven E. Benton 2004 Buy
C303 Ceramic tests of Illinois clays and shales compiled by W. Arthur White, J. E. Lamar 1960 Buy
C138 Certain geological conditions that cause mining fatalities Rolf W. Roley 1947 Out of print
B089 Champlainian series (Middle Ordovician) in Illinois J. S. Templeton, H. B. Willman 1963 Out of print
RI187 Char for metallurgical coke F. H. Reed, H. W. Jackman, P. W. Henline 1955 Out of print
EG118 Characteristics and potential uses of waste from the historic Longwall Coal Mining District in north-central Illinois Susan Carol Bradford, Dwain Berggren, and Paul B. DuMontelle 1987 Buy
OFS1999-6 Characterization and assessment of the sediment quality and transport processes in the West Branch of the Grand Calumet River in Illinois by Richard A. Cahill and Misganaw Demissie and William C. Bogner 1999 Buy
OFS1994-2 Characterization of available (marketed) coals from Illinois mines Ilham Demir, Richard D. Harvey, Rodney R. Ruch, Heinz H. Damberger, Chusak Chaven, John D. Steele, Wayne T. Frankie 1994 Buy
C589 Characterization of karst terrain and regional tectonics using remotely sensed data in Jo Daviess County, Illinois Samuel V. Panno, Donald E. Luman, and Dennis R. Kolata 2015 buy
OFS1992-1 Characterization of organic sulfur in macerals and chars Richard D. Harvey, Ilham Demir 1992 Buy
OFS1991-3 Characterization of the organic sulfur in macerals and chars : final technical report principal investigator, Richard D. Harvey, co-investigator, Ilham Demir 1991 Buy
COOP015 Characterization of the study areas for the pilot study : agricultural chemicals in rural, private wells in Illinois edited by Michael L. Barnhardt, Edward Mehnert, Chittaranjan Ray, Susan C. Schock 1992 Buy
EG113 Characterization of volatile sulfur compounds produced from Illinois coal chars Mei-In Melissa Chou, Robert A. Griffin 1985 Buy
RI200 Chemical analyses of Illinois limestones and dolomites compiled by L. E. Lamar 1957 Buy
IM077 Chemical analyses of western Illinois clay materials compiled by W. Arthur White 1980 Buy
EG089 Chemical and biological characterization of leachates from coal solid wastes R. A. Griffin, R. M. Schuller, J. J. Suloway, N. F. Shimp, W. F. Childers, R. H. Shiley 1980 Buy
OFS2007-6 Chemical and isotopic database for McHenry County study on groundwater quality and land use Hue-Hwa Hwang, Samuel V. Panno, Keith C. Hackley, and Drew Walgren 2007 Buy
C331 Chemical and physical character of the Pennsylvanian sandstones in central Illinois James C. Bradbury, Meredith O. Ostrom, J. E. Lamar 1962 Buy


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