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RPR1991-P Benefits of using calcium oxide additive in the mild gasification of coal C. W. Kruse, A. D. Williams, and C. Feizoulof 1991 $5.00
RI024 Progress report on the study of southern Illinois silica as a pottery material C. W. Parmelee 1933 Out of print
RI117 Southern Illinois novaculite and novaculite gravel for making silica refractories C. W. Parmelee and C. G. Harman 1946 $5.00
B009 Paving brick and paving brick clays of Illinois C. W. Rolfe, R. C. Purdy, A. N. Talbot and I. O. Baker 1908 Out of print
RPR1997-K Abundances of sulfur, chlorine, and trace elements in Illinois Basin Coals, USA C.-L. Chou 1997 $5.00
RPR1997-G Geologic factors affecting the abundance, distribution, and speciation of sulfur in coals C.-L. Chou 1997 $5.00
RPR1992-M Removal of chlorine from an Illinois coal by wet-grinding and water-leaching C.-L. Chou 1992 $5.00
RPR1991-N Distribution and forms of chlorine in Illinois Basin coals C.-L. Chou 1991 $5.00
RPR1990-M Geochemistry of sulfur in coal C.-L. Chou 1990 $5.00
OFS1991-9 Production of superclean coal by wet-grinding and selective flocculation C.-L. Chou, C. A. Woodward [and] C. Chaven 1991 Buy
RPR1987-R Using stable isotopes to monitor forms of sulfur during desulfurization processes: a quick screening method C.-L. Chou, K. C. Hackley, D. D. Coleman, and C. W. Kruse 1987 Out of print
RPR2000-A Preliminary environmental assessment of a corridor for a new bridge over the Mississippi River at East St. Louis, IL, and St. Louis, MO C.B. Trask 1999 Out of print
C122 Use of electrical geophysical methods in groundwater supply Carl A. Bays 1945 Out of print
C112 Factors controlling oil-well completions in the Illinois Basin Carl A. Bays 1944 Out of print
C098 New developments in ground-water exploration Carl A. Bays 1943 Out of print
C113 Geophysical logging of water wells in northeastern Illinois Carl A. Bays and Stewart H. Folk 1944 Out of print
C108 Developments in the application of geophysics to ground-water problems Carl A. Bays and Stewart H. Folk 1944 Out of print
B034 Artesian waters of northeastern Illinois Carl B. Anderson 1919 $5.00
RI209 Conodonts from the Glen Dean formation (Chester) of the Illinois Basin Carl B. Rexroad 1958 Out of print
RI199 Conodonts from the Chester series in the type area of southwestern Illinois Carl B. Rexroad 1957 Out of print


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