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C193 Summary of water flood operations in Illinois oil pools during 1953 Paul A. Witherspoon, Edwin G. Jackson, and members of the Illinois Secondary Recovery and Pressure Maintenance Study Committee 1954 Out of print
C194 The flow of fluids through sandstones by Wolf von Engelhardt and W.L.M. Tunn ; translated by Paul A. Witherspoon 1955 Out of print
C195 Faults and other structures in southern Illinois : a compilation H. B. Stonehouse and G. M. Wilson 1955 Out of print
C196 Mineral resource research and activities of the State Geological Survey, 1953-1954 M. M. Leighton 1955 Out of print
C197 Effect of diluents on the plastic properties of coal as measured by the Gieseler plastometer by O. W. Rees and E. D. Pierron 1955 Out of print
C198 Groundwater possibilities in northeastern Illinois : a preliminary geologic report by R. E. Bergstrom, J. W. Foster, Lidia F. Selkregg, and W. A. Pryor 1955 Out of print
C199 Aromatic fluorine compounds as fungicides G. C. Finger, Frank H. Reed, and Leo R. Tehon 1955 Out of print
C200 Preliminary report on uranium in Hardin County, Illinois J. C. Bradbury, M. E. Ostrom, and L. D. McVicker 1955 Out of print
C201 Unpublished reports on open file. I, mineral fuels Margaret B. Brophy 1955 Out of print
C202 Sizing studies on pilot-oven coke : comparison with commercial coke size H. W. Jackman and R. L. Eissler 1955 Out of print
C203 Uranium in Illinois black shales M. E. Ostrom, M. E. Hopkins, W. A. White, L. D. McVicker 1955 $5.00
C204 The Geneva (Middle Devonian) dolomite in Illinois Howard R. Schwalb 1955 Out of print
C205 Comparison of mine sizes of southern Illinois coals for use in metallurgical coke H. W. Jackman, R. L. Eissler, F. H. Reed 1955 Out of print
C206 Mineral production in Illinois in 1954 W. H. Voskuil, W. L. Busch 1955 Out of print
C207 Groundwater in northwestern Illinois James E. Hackett, Robert E. Bergstrom 1956 Out of print
C208 Illinois oil shales J. E. Lamar, W. J. Armon, J. A. Simon 1956 Out of print
C209 Unpublished reports on open file. II. Industrial minerals Margaret B. Brophy 1956 Out of print
C210 Unpublished reports on open file. III. Groundwater geology and geophysics G. B. Maxey, J. W. Foster 1956 Out of print
C211 Geology and history of oil production in the Decatur-Mt. Auburn-Springfield area, Illinois Lester L. Whiting 1956 Out of print
C212 Groundwater geology in southern Illinois : a preliminary geologic report Wayne A. Pryor 1956 Out of print


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